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GET CHEAP GAMES HERE! Everyone Is Doing The Harlem Shake So I Made This Compilation Of The best Ones. More Compilations Coming Soon, So Subscribe And Stay Tuned! *All rights belong to their respective owners. I do not own any of this content.* *Video is for educational purposes only, and fair use is done.*


Michael Lukashin says:

3:12 really got me

PeterMJ7 says:

3:51 Girl and Dog

Stanzar Anzaer says:

bumped her head on the tv man xD

fvcktehpolice says:

This got nothing on the mocha girls

Ricardo Soa says:


bongerbank4 says:


jjsimmonsat says:

I like dat girl shalin her ass at 1:55

loung tran says:

Surprised the dog didn’t try to hump that girl

SarahKitts1414 says:

Fucking win. I love the last one.

moker2341 says:


JVO JC says:

3:50 dog gets it in with his girl

clonard says:

fuckin ads for wine on before it! so annoying!

1nTr4nceW3Tru5t says:


MarvinAkaTrukry says:

the dogs ass?

Insemin8er66 says:

bahahahaha the dog licking the girls leg..:)

brunoWoWps says:

yeaah very smart dog!

awesomecrap1 says:

forever alone

cptwpmpfc9 says:

3:52.. The dog

Cadet Coale says:

4:02 best one ever

brunobatistacarvalho says:

GOSTOSAS.. Alô galera do Brasil o/ o/ o/ o/ o/

wildandfree47 says:

Lol!!!! 3:06+ he hit the woman

wildandfree47 says:

Oh my god that is the fuckin life man 00:45 true

AnkermusicTV says:

2:44 forever alone

zunni12 says:

3:52 Thumb up for the girl who bangs her head into the tv 😀

Zayn Malik says:

Thumb up if you had saw the dog

hannahthornton67 says:

That last one LMFAO

alex88067 says:

Forever Alone kkkk’

Lucas Goya says:


TheLost Loki says:

1:43 O_O

Hoang Nguyen Le says:

the dog is freakin awesome

EazyProdigyz says:

Don’t be racist, because being racist is a crime and crimes are for black people

Morgan Martin says:

Are you really Barack obama? lol!

Redscooter Beats says:

Mr. Pimp : “Girls girls, come on get back to work now..” 1:15

SchleppFilms says:

Harlem Shake Videos are causing a spike in instances of
‘Post Traumatic Harlem Shake Disorder’
Watch this hilarious WARNING to all you future ‘shakers’ out there.­c
New Video from the creator of Viral Hit ‘Harlem Reacts to Harlem Shake Videos’

Mark Morris says:

d part with d dog ……. he want pussy ….lol

ShinyBusterBaby says:

Hahaha That dog is a genius! It makes me wonder if they rubbed something on her leg to make the dog lick her or is her just a genius pooch?

John Drugga says:

He’s there pimp…

Tyoo Nugroho says:

bitches all around!!!

Luke Saich says:

DAFUQ is that dog doing O.O….

velardesavage says:

My reaction: o.O, O.O,  pure awesomeness

Reliancedred says:

The last one was insane

joseph york says:

At 1:43 there kiss :O omg lol

Kendall IsABeast says:

1:43 did anyone else c the girls make out?

rafarockero1 says:

1:18 the pimp & the bitches

Killa Keltie says:

Haha, the dog is getting it in at 3:45.

Killa Keltie says:


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