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The Harlem Shake Army Compilation All Credits Go to US Marine Navy and Air Force, British and Norwegian Army Like The Harlem Shake ======▻ ♥ https://www.face…


Molly L says:

Did anyone else see the guy fall out the window?

Futuramax75 says:

je kiff trop :))))))) !

Borgar Mann says:

Norway is best 😀

gummybearfan2559 says:

That was raw! I like how some guys were twerking on the walls !

howardarnold73 says:

Funny as 4311

karateboy001 says:

i don’t get what this is all about……

Sashka Poleshuk says:

Sashka Poleshuk says:

101Thetechguy says:

i like the first army one

Mustafa Oğuz ÇEKMEZ says:

best is norwegian

SuperSayian5Naruto says:


Ben Mattison says:


Natasha Esteves says:

CHECK OUT THIS EPIC ONE 🙂 Search for: “this is how we break it down in miami on easter” and click on first video, by Adriana Esteves

Ima Herb says:

Well, I dont want to start a fight either but if was actually u who started it by making it sound like truth

TheHarlemAttack says:

Official channel | Please subscribe

Jazmine Duran says:

Troops! <3

masterjx says:

sad that the 80 million one got pulled by a stick up the ass company

Zakariya Jama says:

And i have just found out you comment no longer exists

Zakariya Jama says:

To be honest you replying does sort of mean you want to start fights

XxPlasmaSyndromexX says:

Oh. I’m terribly sorry….-.- Damn it, I can never take a joke.

matheus teteu says:

porra e legaul

matheus teteu says:

e muito maneiro

jonanthan bristow says:

even they are having fun doing the harlem shake

Lena Jasmine says:

hmm im an idiot? i was saying as a joke! just becuz ur a “kid” doesnt mean a thing. I dont want to start fights or anything. YOU guys are starting it

Lena Jasmine says:

WTH what i commented was just a joke! Dont hate me just for something u dissagree. You got me really mad/sad now. Oh yeah now people are gonna call me a attention whore. also i didnt call them kids, i was speaking to other people.

Lena Jasmine says:

dude chill i was saying it as a joke. i respect them. Just take a joke people. i know they go through REALLY hard stuff ok? JUST TAKE A JOKE.

Lena Jasmine says:

umm dude u chill i was waying it as a joke god u guys take it so seriously

Joshua Johnson says:

and you’re the pussy behind the computer

ReconRaptor says:

Go die in a pit

Kornelius Hovde says:


qwerty1234567890901 says:

nothing wrong with a little down time.

DanLujan says:

Tax dollars at work.

FreZzHD says:

arent normal soliders alowed to have fun?
they are also humans.
they don’t need to be on duty all the time.

bob young says:

in the last onE i <3 that guyz socks

obamaramathon says:

this is a comment

Shanyia Wade says:

What was that man humping

Shanyia Wade says:

The men in the sleepingbags i thought they where turds

Mikster7500 says:

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maryc1012 says:

That is akward

maryc1012 says:


Briangaming141 says:

con los terroistas

jaj5012 says:

Every scene had one or two people I couldn’t stop staring at cause they were hilarious. My favorite part was the guy wearing a panda head riding a pink bike in front of the plane, that one had me lmfao

Abby R says:

heck yeah and seeing as you’re alive to write that, they’re doing a pretty good job of it too

baguviooox says:

lol anyone noticed the guy with the flag falling down from the building in the first one XD

IHikad says:

hahaha I  love this world

NeoGhost Excalibur says:

2:50 omg I can see something shaking in the superman dude’s underpants to the right xD

KawKz100 says:

@yoyofavorites yeah you be rollin all over us with ur fat doughnut addicted meteors!

saroo abomadalala says:

attention do the harlem shake

NimeniAltuGEN says:

What happened to the original one?

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