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friedginger says:

0:49 – I just creamed again

friedginger says:

0:45 – I just creamed 😛

chinomotown says:

haha that mexican kid got spanked

nhan vo van says:

fucking set up

dreamingWisdom says:

The girl dancing second from the right at 0:47 looks like Son Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls.

ilikerunescape1100 says:

was that freddiew at the end

drew thurston says:

hey every1 checkout DBZ DCUO HARLEM SHAKE XD lolol

TheHUNTnKILL says:

wish i was that lion head guy!

TheHUNTnKILL says:

1:28 techno viking is that you??

ANDER S says:

estupidos movimientos ,,,y seguidores de esta mierda …puro vale verga sin sentido ….toda la falta de talento del mundo en estos idiotas …….

Jon Trolston says:

Asian girls are preaty hot 😀

zoteck2294 says:

hahaha ohh yes… stupid, bieber, racist and ugly girl :c hahaha.

backstaber001234 says:

1:05 is my bro javi jeminez haha ….. good one bro

ut jermanian says:


Tyler Mellema says:

Right click video, stop download..your welcome

RaChETIM says:

More biki Girls

Nicholas Tong says:


oscar cedillo says:

i like 0:46

bashtosmash says:

boobs got me here

Daniel BrumOlive says:

Curti o segundo

hawk97fly says:

Довайти поднимим этат каментт ф топъ, штоба амереканци ни дагадалесь, што сдезь нописана!!

Baby Quak says:

This. This was amazingly stupid. Thanks.

bieberfan246 says:

1:18 hahah beaner style :P

condorX2 says:

more babes in bikini plz =]

ulises nino says:

the only good part for me was the one with the girls

johney902 says:

Don’t piss off Asian People 3:40

Jax Greenlee says:

didnt know what it was before i saw this….. now i wish i never have, really fuckin stupid

jokitty7 says:

That is gross and inaprotite wit the girl one

Columna de Razta segundo canal says:

Harlem Shake /watch?v=1E5vJGvAnz0

BadLuxLP says:

@0:51  is best scene ;D

AlexkarinaHS says:

OMG the third one LOL she was so funny

benjojo09 says:

Slenderman at 2:15!!!!

MegaPops101 says:

i dont under stand what you said 😀

ratmfan41 says:

freakin sluts…………………i love em

keyblademaster347 says:

The last one was the best…

but the second one was the most entertaining…

Frank Prass says:


TheKaitoDon says:

Clip 2.. Dayummmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian Christojelo says:


And I saw an angel standing in the sun, who cried in a loud voice to all the birds flying in midair, “Come, gather together for the great supper of God, so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals, and the mighty, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, great and small.” –Revelation 19:17,18


LaoZeto says:

Made me watch porn

MrRangey7 says:

“like for” Shut the fuck up

SweetlyHeart1 says:

Pooooolskaaaaaa xddd

Dulce Bellal says:


HassickTR says:

Ata oturmuş amk :AS:DAS:DSAD:

Jazmine Ga says:

What? HARLEM SHAKE VS GANGNAM STYLE ? lol watch here! jajajajajajajajaja


Christopher Tobar says:

like for girls harlem shake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Flooded Mist says:

lol the end is so funny

SK1NY786 says:

Anyone know the dubstep song at the end?

Nico Parra says:

I like the far right girl in the sencond one so hot

Daniel Foster says:

…And 1:43 is probably the worst

nomore4methanks says:

what remix or mashup is that of the harlem shake at the end

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