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Best of Compilation: The Best Collection of Harlem Shake – 2013 – Original Baauer Harlem Shake Videos. Baauer – “The Original Harlem Shake” Create Your Own H…


nonecangre2 says:

Best harlem shake EVER!!!

jmick8 says:

2:44 forever alone edition

Sevy Abdallah says:

I’m saying wat the fuck is day doin my freind asked like bicth is called the Harlem shake get it through ur head

reallh3forme says:

the props in these videos are soo funny!

EpodTruth says:

Harlem shake has been out for years why is it in now just like swag swager. I just dont get it

Alex Czar says:

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InsideDance says:

Check>>> ID – Supersoundshake 2013 (New Hot Girls Shake Video) Harlem Shake Stylle

mrwaffles151 says:

Do Harlem shake !! 😉

Sude Demi says:


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Tom Hudson says:

has anyone seen harlemshaketoplist. com? great stuff!

josiptomas9956 says:


Harley Rider says:

Stupid – – – – – -

prolostmc says:

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tangpanorama says:


sezenturkel says:

Harlem shake best song evaaa^^

alexus wilson says:

Omg too funny

dangeroussak says:

Best Harlem Shake Videos On YouTube


cody17ma says:

0:56 guy punching the giraffe is hilarious

ShiftzWii says:

duh pimp :3

MegaJosaphine says:

@katierocks5672 VHF

Stacy Wright says:

LOL! This is hilarious!

WATCH another funny Harlem shake…

Search: Panda bear doing the Harlem Shake

Srishtiangel08 says:

Ol f them look retards lol… Hand in a glass of milk in their hands and enjoy the milkshake

MikeMaduxx says:

Damn you comment on everyone’s comment. I swear girl all I see is you and your little black nose lol!

Hoang Phung says:

thật kì quặc, tẻ nhạt ,chán ngắt

Gabriel Michael says:


It’s Funny Game For ANDROID… download on google play :))

katierocks5672 says:

You desevre a SUB! 🙂 I Just subbed u 🙂

katierocks5672 says:

It’s mostly popular this year though!

katierocks5672 says:

Yep :)

katierocks5672 says:

But they were really popular in those years :)!

katierocks5672 says:

What year was that? 🙂 P.S Thx

katierocks5672 says:

I wonder 2?

Ruben Luna says:

in 2nd one theres 2 people with a helment

Ruben Luna says:

go spiderman and horse man

Доолот Чыйбылов says:

какая тут музыка качает, дайте ссылку

thola maee says:


Timothy Lawson says:

Fuck You God Is Real

Oh Well says:

Oh Christ .. I am too old for this shit!

William Barrett says:

Funny luagh my ass of

gothiclegoboy says:

People have truly lost their minds. I feel so gay now.

Marley M says:

the guy with the red hat at 4:59 looked like harry styles for a second

gregorywilson22 says:

LOL!! =D

EmmaBrownful says:

This is like… my life… O.O

Jade Laloulu says:

there always has to be someone shirtless

anthonyzuniga5 says:

Never have seizure doing the Harlem shake

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