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Continuing of the first mix of latino dance songs, the best latino song ever!


Mick-er P says:


Tamuna Xuskivadze says:

what’s the song on 00:30?

Κατερίνα Κω. says:

Name of the second song?

Abdelrahman Ahmed says:

sway-pussycat colls
mas que nada-sergio mendes
la pelota-ray barretto
Queiro salsa-jose alberto
Moliendo cafe-la rumba
Me odio-Gloria estefan
No llores por ella-Merenguemenia
Full intention-gloria al verano
Rumba-Armand Van helden
Smooth operator-Sade
She will be loved-Rhythms del mundo
Rebelion- Jose Arroyo
Ei yoyo-Wayne gorbea
Baila me-Gipsy kings
Ultrabeat-Disco blanco
Uma historia de ifa-Relight orchestra
la tartoura-Shakira
Soy-Gipsy kings
Samson-Eric Moris

TheEsocan says:

07:55 La tortura- Shakira
08:15 Lambada- La Band Italiana
08:45 Smooth- Santana ft Rob Thomas
09:15 Soy- Gipsy Kigs
09:40 Achilipu- Ragga Pu
10:09 ?
10:28 Emigrante Del mundo (Radio version)- Lucenzo

TheEsocan says:

1. Pussycat Dolls- Sway
00:30 Mas Que Nada- Black Eyed Peas ft. Sergio Mendes
01:06 ?
01:39 Quiero Salsa- Jos” Alberto
02:00 ?
02:40 MeOdio-Gloria Estefan
03:13 Merengue Mix De Amor
03:45 Rumba- Armand Van Helden
04:25 Smooth Operater- Sade
04:53 Maroon 5- She will be loved
05:23 Rebellion- Joe Arroyo
05:55 El Yo-Yo Wayne Gorbea
06:25 Baila Me- Gipsy Kings
07:00 Vazilando -Oreja
07:27 Uma Historia De Ifa (Elegibo)-Relight Orchestro

zizi ninetytwentyseven says:

Songs r nice but doesnt make sense if u dont give the names 🙁

Hugh Harman says:

can you put the name of these songs in the description?

nideman tango says:

name of the song start at 7:30 is Elegibo

w1nst0n22 says:

what’s the song on 8:47?

w1nst0n22 says:

it’s by pussycat dolls but the original is by dean martin

w1nst0n22 says:

sway-pussycat dolls 🙂

Jasmine Farnham says:

I love the first song ,Ii want to know the name of song please ^.^

Essaidi smaylè says:

i will repeat ::::  some one give the name of the song start at 7:30 plz

h0pelessrose says:

whats the name of the song that starts at 7:00 ????

Essaidi smaylè says:

some one give the name of the song start at 7:30 plz

iraqzonedotcom says:

Can someone do me a favor please, and put these songs as a list with their names.

450yamaha says:

Gipsy Kings - Baila Me

cassiecabral says:

whats the song that starts at 6 30

mostafa4592363 says:

Armand Van Helden Presents Pirates of the Caribbean – Rumba (1994)

Darr W says:

sway pussycat dolls

5UL14N says:

List of all songs plz

Mona Chez says:

what´s the name of the first song?

Richie Rodriguez says:

Its in the blood you either get it o not

TheTrajan1980 says:

ok…so i dont hear that much difference from one song to the next…i guess thats the whole point….but I dont get it….its like having similar conversations over and over…i just dont get it.

Heikkinenfan97 says:

I’ve been stuck into Latino music.

SimplestThingMusic says:

Thanks Ollie 🙂

Tomáš Urbánek says:

Pls music 0:37 thx .)

olliethomas11 says:

Its the pussycat dolls or just nicole scherzinger

SimplestThingMusic says:

The first song here is called Sway, but can anyone tell me the artist that’s singing it?? I’ve just had a go at co-writing/producing a new latino dance song and latin dance video with LisaN which is called Aint Nothin Better /watch?v=q83_zV5v5uI Hope you can take the time to watch and let us know what you think, all comments are welcome!

britt vrijvogel says:


Angelica Lopez says:


Laurie Roxs says:

i like these songs but next time put the names of the songs

Jarene Low says:

like food tasting, this is Latino best music tasting 🙂

Nally Gario says:

buena música

IamPCGaming says:

No le pege la negra!!!!

alberto eremia says:

quiero saver como se llama la primera cacion

MrBoxingChamp102 says:

this is just stupid salsa!! not all of the latino music is here this just like stupid puerto ricans and those dominicans monkeys music.. boooooooooo!!!!

Daniel Prado says:


Sarah Wolfman says:

no 5 is moliendo cafe 🙂

Juliana Milane says:


sealkx says:

Dá joinha pra ficar visível

xGedoMazou says:

Hahahaha você errou o video cara!

Lucas Gabriel says:


Lucas Gabriel says:


eduardo ruiz says:

se fudeu latino mexeu com o cara errado kkkkkkkkkkkkk bora fuder todos videos dele

Obox2550 says:

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chaiproject says:

Search Pirates of the Caribbean cover by chai

in youtube amazingggg cover

lenny aspen says:


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