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The Belling Dancing Duo Kaya & Sadie on America’s Got Talent Kaya is soo fine! Will U Marry Me?? Dont forget to leave comments. Btw i dont own anything.


RedAces93 says:

lmao I loved the guy’s reactions XD

CiaoOutBeauty says:

DAFQU???? haven’t anyone ever hear of sarcasm ??

MissZinniaSharpie says:

bitch, please. that is seriously muscle.

MissZinniaSharpie says:

i met sadie once, she was sooo sweet!

Eyelohim says:

Me as a turk, i have to laugh on those two..Belly dancing 1 of all aint nothing for white women, really..And second, me and alot of other turks know that no one does it better but a muslim..Those 2 are maby better in a porno movie..Fa sho!

Richie Dlinde says:

I think that was kind a more of a ass dance than a belly dance…

illluminetta says:

i just realized one of the judges played on hanzel and gretel as the ” sleeping man person thingy “

Zonnestraal94 says:

i think the left one was better

Sunanda B says:

does anyone know the name if this song? Thanks 🙂

chaimaa bouktif says:


o.o Talan says:

Dude, this comment la
“o.o Talan 15 hours ago
Greek came first, so Turkish take their ‘technology’ and ‘stuffs’ from the Greeks. Nuff said.”
^ This comment wasn’t even deleted. You are just too blind to noticed that you got owned HARD. =)

MrChalgaFen says:

LOL, you deleted your comment. Pathetic loser bahahahahahaha!!!! WOW lol.

o.o Talan says:

Well, I didn’t say Turks took all the Greeks inventions. Don’t manipulate my words. :)) Well, you didn’t point me out as an idiot, you just proved that you can’t win in a polite argument. 😉 Well, literally you already lost the argument by jumping topic and using vulgar. Sad for you, re-read my other comment, I didn’t mentioned ‘ALL’. Loser.

o.o Talan says:

You didn’t state any of what I mentioned.

Louise Divinagracia says:

whats that kind of music? or anyone can give me the link of it??

MrChalgaFen says:

I used Tzatziki as an example. an EXAMPLE, I used the example because you were saying that Turks took all Greek inventions which is most definitely not true. Belly dancing isn’t Greek either, neither is the Fez hat, neither are many of the foods which have Turkish names in Greek. And I can’t be owned because I was pointing out that you’re an idiot, which you are 🙂

MrChalgaFen says:

I already stated that captain obvious.

o.o Talan says:

Yep, winners change history, so you never know what happen. =) Losers never get their history noticed because the winners changed it to their own setting. Read it up, bud.

o.o Talan says:

Well, I didn’t mentioned Tzatziki in my previous comment except this. So you got owned literally by changing the topic. It is a Greek invention based on Yogurt. 🙂 Hmm, again you got owned yourself by using vulgar in a polite argument! =)

MrChalgaFen says:

Real history? No rational person would say such a thing. Only an educated person would know that history has been changed, deleted and perverted. History is not 100% truth, many things are falsified and I bet that the Greeks falsified heaps of their “inventions”

MrChalgaFen says:

You really are stupid lol. You said “Greeks came first, so Turkish take their ‘technology’ and ‘stuffs’ from Greeks.

STUFFS = Yoghurt which is Turkish yet Greek people use it. That is a very good example. Greeks claim they invented Tzatziki, how can they invent Tzatziki when you need Yoghurt to make tzatziki which the Turks created? Owned.

o.o Talan says:

I didn’t said TURKS didn’t invented/discovered the yoghurt, don’t jump off topic. You should be reading the REAL history.

MrChalgaFen says:

You’re an idiot. That makes no sense. E.g. The Turks invented Yoghurt, how can Tzatziki be Greek? Dickhead LOL

o.o Talan says:

Greek came first, so Turkish take their ‘technology’ and ‘stuffs’ from the Greeks. Nuff said.

TheWildScarletRose says:

Yes, she is very beautiful, but I find the way she smiles a little bit exaggerating!

selva rajan says:

I knew you had to be middle eastern r arabic to say that.
Only you fucks could like a hook nose like that.
She is very talented, but not good looking

MrImastinker says:

Kaya is so beautiful!

TheWildScarletRose says:

which really differ, either implying it is coming from Vyzantium, or turkish kinds of music.It became part of both cultures and was changed a lot in Greece, and other countries since those years too.

TheWildScarletRose says:

The last one is true, but it doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING in the modern Greek culture is Turkish.As for the music, the musicians in Asia Minor used to play music in a way called diplochordon, striking two chords in the same time.When the Turks came they started playing this way too, giving it a name in their own language (ciftetelli).Experts say that the music climax of ciftetelli is clearly vyzantine.Of course, nobody can say for sure, there were many cultural exchanges and a lot of theories,

MrChalgaFen says:

I never said Turkish music wasn’t influenced. But the Ottoman Turks invented their own music instruments as well as rhythms which sound completely different to Greek/Byzantine music, but the greeks use Turkish instruments and music. There are also plenty of Turkish food and words in Greek culture.

TheWildScarletRose says:

can’t really say who gave it to whom!Also, Turkish music was influenced a lot by the Vyzantine one, because Greeks lived in Asia Minor many years before turkish tribes came to the region…

TheWildScarletRose says:

Snakes were considered sacred animals in Minoan Crete and in Epirus later, where rituals with snakes used to take place.I don’t know if they originated from other places, but they were for sure parts of the ancient Greek religion.I know that a form of castanets-zills were used by the dancers in ancient Greek (memorized by Euripides, if I remember well, and mentioned in many hymns and myths).
That’s what I was talking about, such elements were found in many places around the same time and you

MrChalgaFen says:

Actually, contact with snakes comes from the Arabs/Persians. hence “snake charming” again, not Greek. Persians have also been sticking coins/gold/jewellery to clothes and Zills are actually Turkish in origin. The next place which has something similar to Zill is Tibet.

TheWildScarletRose says:

same time and nobody is sure enough to say where their real origins are.

TheWildScarletRose says:

I can’t deny that many of our today’s foods etc come from other countries, but there are many elements coming from Greece about belly dancing (contact with snakes, a form of zills the dancers used to play while dancing, a sticking coins to clothes practice etc ).And you can’t say for sure if the belly dancing elements coming from all these countries are really theirs because many cultural exchanges took place in ancient years.Many of these elements were found in several countries around the

MrChalgaFen says:

Belly dancing came from the Middle East. The Middle East isn’t a country, it’s a region full of countries. I never said that it was from one place, But belly dancing is definitely not Greek, Greek people never knew what belly dancing was until they came in contact with it. The same applies to a lot of foods, language/ architecture that the Greeks have, They encountered other cultures and took the food/words into their own.

TheWildScarletRose says:

Well, I am studying history too.What’s with that?It doesn’t come from the Middle East only.And I referred to the east Mediterranean region, which means Turkey, Greece and many middle eastern countries too.
Belly dancing isn’t a dance that remained the same from antiquity till now.It is a combination of elements from many ancient fertility (and not only) dances of many countries, and it is still evolving.
I don’t trust Wiki, I found this information on really many other sources.

MrChalgaFen says:

You are most definitely wrong. Belly Dancing comes from the Middle East. It does not come form the Mediterranean. I know history as I’ve studied history in university. Belly dancing has nothing to do with Greece. Go and check some real scholarly sources, not Wikipedia. You could not be more wrong about this kind of thing.

TheWildScarletRose says:

You are wrong, it originates from countries all over the east Mediterranean and Middle East region, Egypt,Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece,Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia etc.And many also say that it was influenced from Roma people who came there from India too.

MrChalgaFen says:

They sure as hell did LOL

MrChalgaFen says:

Sorry honey, Belly dance is Turkish. The Ottomans gave Belly dancing to Egyptians when they ruled Egypt. Not the other way round 😉 Your people invented Burqa tho 😉

MrChalgaFen says:

Belly dancing is not Greek, it is Arabic/Middle Eastern/Turkish.

Boyka Fighta says:

my penis; CLICK
me: okeey okeey … hold on

assassin1234567 says:

fuckin stupid nick cannon

Haji Ka says:

That moment when the west changed their minds about the arab.

Ghafar Rahim says:

peeps, i would appreciate if anybody here could be kind enough to just tell me, where I could find this soundtrack of them both dancing please?(this drum solo soundtrack)

tygfderto says:

arabic dance not Belly Dance
Because belly dancing, two, Arabic dance, and Indian dance

rahulichigobankai says:

Maa kudhi……….shake shake…..

Mohamed El Araby says:

It’s a Egyptian Music 😀
fuck yeah They r AweSome 😀

BasketballnFootbal says:

screw belly dancing…i wish there was something called boob dancing

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