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SONG: Me Tienes Loco - Ismael Rivera Tanja & Nery from Fort Myers tearing up the dance floor… Born to Salsa social, Canadian Club, Hallandale, FL…


Claudia Delgado says:

the guy is very good leader/dancer

savagecat77 says:

i first watched this dance 3.5 years ago,i loved it. then i have done that more than 100 times.maybe,the best LA style (on1) social video.although there are some little mistakes since nery uses his competent spin skill excessively many times,still he shows many kinds of outstanding combos,mens’ spin moves,partner spins,etc…he shows most of his spin moves in this dance. certainly very forcefull moves. there only a few people can perform.

kubeseba says:

beautiful dance !

Thinknappythoughts says:

Wait…PAUSE. Did he just turn her with her chin. That man can dance!

liszaj114 says:

też tak chce umieć 🙂

acatto1973 says:

same style as christian oviedo, they know each other and must have shared tricks, nevertheless really smooth, that’s salsa with style.

Danny Rodriguez says:

My question about this is do they know the moves in advance or is kind of a improve, go with what feels right? or is a combo of both?

ldwyer0 says:

Absoutootlyfuggingamazing! Had to make up a word for what they were doing! Beautiful dancing, basics down pat and taken to an entirely new expressive other level. This is the outcome of two salsa dancers that know each other very well.

eversmilingbg says:

LA Style.

michelle mandy says:

ta buena

sam3d says:

valan muy bien, pero la cancion no esta chaida!

Stefan Dodic says:

ah 🙂

WaitIForgot50 says:

As a Güero, I find this do be the sexiest thing ever! I need to find me a latina!

Lena Manousaka says:

amo a nery y sus pasos! saludos desde grecia

YamatoXion says:

Wow that was really impressive! I learnt a pattern or two there 😉

LotsOfSweetLove says:

creo que salsa

MsMusacLuver says:

Loved it! So raw and sexy! Wonderful… just incredible!

MsMusacLuver says:

NO… Can”t Be… Cause I am. lol

calindicusar says:

I don’t think so. I hold the title the worst dance ever 🙂


INCREIBLE!!! MUY MUY BUENOS!! Que estilo estan bailando?

sachombre says:

Haci me.gusta

sachombre says:

This video never gets old.

Anthony Frazier says:

This video got me into salsa dancing…and I’ve been dancing for a year and half now…just keep at it, trust me you’ll get it! I always love coming back to this video knowing that the first time I watched this, I couldn’t salsa at all. Practice and never give up!

LazyGirlXD2012 says:

I want hair like hers…

oscar garcia says:

Bailas bien!

lalolalolicona says:

Muy buena salsa

BXGUY73 says:

I like these turn patterns very much!!!! THANKS 2 NERY & TANJA because I am going to practice these moves at home, $AVE money, and NOT go to class for a while. LOL! GRACIAS!!!

junksabs says:

Ça, c’est de la salsa! bravo!

laura marulanda says:


NYCPeruano07 says:

You’re not alone..

Mcfahad Ahmed says:


SuperRobbim says:

mi piace lei…
e anche tanto….

quiksilva13 says:

swagger for days

A Tihonov says:

Omg… Amazing

torment3d says:

just keep practising 😀

MLopez0311 says:

She’s sooooo smooth! 🙂

starlatina1 says:

I wish I could dance like her… they are both hot 🙂 ! Love the dancing.

lilfairyfeet says:

i am determined to learn how to dance like this!!! >.<

Héctor Lomba Smith says:

¿Por casualidad leíste la descripción del vídeo? Gracias, Saludos

jrdking1 says:

Pretty awesome dance…girl is super hot!!!

eliza21aries says:

Alguien me puede decir como se llama

Nicolas Martinez says:

if you really like it you will get it =) regrets from chile 😉

aliro bustamante says:

Entenderan la letra de esta cancion del sonero mayor(ismael rivera)?si la entendieran,creo que interpretarian este vacilon de otra forma y bien caliente o sea a lo latino americano.Como me gustaria apretarle la cinturita a esa geva,y contornearsela al ritmo de la tumbadora y cantarle al oido megusta tu forma de bailar tu forma de cocinar y vamos pa“ la casa a terminar de guarachar.Hey hermano cuidala,si no la cuidas tu otro te la cuidara.

heartsoulrockroll says:

in short, its difference in style, and refers to what count you start on. Google will shed more light. Meanwhile, this vid is great! Nothing more fun than a bit of salsa

Cassecouille8 says:

“Nery Garcia”, one of the best! And the girl is the divine “Tanja La Alemana” a

Cassecouille8 says:

Nery Garcia, one of the best!

GoGoFiasco says:

This is my 49th time watching this video… It’s soooo freakin’ hot!!!

luvubby93 says:

Those are some hot dance moves!!!!

LatinoVibe says:

Still one of the best dances I’ve seen in a looong time. These two are so smooth together.

Jhon FK says:

very good dancer the man,,, MASTER

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