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Magna Gopal & Reda Dance STEP IN DANCE 2012by starmambovideo 15073 views · 1515. Watch Later ぐるナイおケイコ人気ベスト10で婚活出演 サルサby hirotaku1998 18370 views · 637. Watch Later 6 degrees Salsa Competitionprofessional semifinals March 232010mp4by thefandangovideoguy 302701 views · 1456. Watch Later Top 20 Best Salsa Songswmvby runrun42a 52384 views · 349. Watch Later DC Salsa Congress 2012 Terry of salsalianza & Maria Pia Sanz of Salsa KaribeSocial Dancingby


SalsaTangoCracow says:


lafinus says:

girl vai xd

MrYildiz59 says:

Oh sorry. I just can’t follow the steps with music. I think there is no need to say i dont know on2 🙂 Ty for the explanation. Can you write the names of these people?

Dora Markuz says:

I agree with you. The last couple was without doubt the best.

Arnaldo Leon says:

I think it was very unfair for the last couple got the third place. they should get the first or second place at least. The announcer no even tell the points to the differents from each couple to the audience.

Franky Rot says:

they never said it was cuban salsa. Not what I heard.

James Gallagher says:

No – the third couple are dancing on2 – Sam is one of the top on2 dancers in Australia afaic.

James Gallagher says:

That’s actually true – it’s social improvised dancing but there are bits that people practice and are semi-planned, however that’s not true for all couples.

James Gallagher says:

Yeah two years ago there was a Cuban couple and they actually won it. Also there’s no such thing as “ballroom” style salsa. PR salsa is very similar to NY, but you wouldn’t call PR style “ballroom” either.

Jan Kowalski says:

first song sound like la tormenta but its ricky campaneli as well the same album El Aguacero -Ricky Campanelli

SalsaTangoCracow says:


aggieman3988 says:

at 10:58 you could see the girl nod her head to do the fast, difficult move they planned. So i dont call this a ‘TRUE’ social dance contest. it doesnt’ seem like it was random partners and songs played for them.

Carolina ruiz says:

la de los dos vestidos se podrian haber quedado de espectador, porque para bailar que mal

PilipBwoy says:

Ricky Campanelli - El Aguacero

Chris Onyando says:

2:00 - when the song stops…lady on the extreme right!!! Damn!

jnntinsf says:

Judging from the first two minutes, the guy in the gray shirt and black pants dancing on2 with the lady in the gray dress is way above the other guys. He would be even be a very good social dancer here in the States.

MrYildiz59 says:

Whaaat? last couple must be te second, and the first couple must be the winner. And aren’t other two couple miss the beats, or i saw wrong? :S

Rene Sans says:

it is probably not because of that. it’s the segmentation of LA+NY & Cuban Salsa just in sense of Cultural groups. And Cuban dancing may even be less popular to dance. But that’s a maybe and my opinion. We had a competition in Lithuania and we can frankly say, the cuban community is smaller and that most LA & NY dancers are more in quantity and active.

kaysanwil says:

there is a pretty nice lady that want to invite me to sidney australia, im from cali colombia, maybe i would show you some good moves

Sam Schlanger says:

The music is not known to the competitors. It is chosen by the organisers and anyone can enter. Just as LA, or NY dancers can dance to Cuban music, Cuban dancers should be able to dance to different styles of salsa music as well.

mvaigafaf says:

is there an age limit to this competition…amazing what sydney has to offer, maybe i will try next year:-)

SONO12345678 says:


Guaguanco11 says:

 But none of the music they play is Cuban salsa. No wonder no Cuban style dancers entered!

srkajolfan1 says:

Don’t know what the name of the first song with all 4 couples is.

Second song with Nestor & Katrina is Ricky Campanelli’s version of ‘Mani Picao’ (Original Mix)

The song after that is ‘Dejame Soñar’ by Tony Vega and Tito Puente.

The last two songs are by Ray Barretto: ‘Manos Duras’ and ‘Soy Dichoso’

If anyone knows the name of the very first song please post it.

SalsaPotato says:

the comp is open to all styles of salsa dancers and several of the judges are cuban style, but no cuban style dancers entered.

Guaguanco11 says:

Shouldn’t the title be “Sydney’s best LA style (or NY style or ballroom style or whatever you wanta call it) social dancer. There is a conspicuous absence of Cuban salsa in this competition.

Bambina336 says:

Lol, I didn’t pay attention to Subject line…sorry. But they are AWESOME. Third couple is my favorite!

SalsaPotato says:

Where are who from? This was in Sydney

javierma36 says:

Sabrosura total. Congratulations from Medellin Colombia.

Nuhaa All Bakry says:

that’s amazing!!

Karen Rodriguez says:

Cual es el nombre de la segunda cancion?
What’s name the second song?

Bambina336 says:

Awesome! Where are they from?

salseramj says:

Well deserved!!! Congratulations!!

Juan Ruiz says:

I finally got a chance to watch this! AWESOME DANCING PEOPLE! So proud to be part of the Sydney Salsa Scene!

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