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Das Tanzspektakel aus der Türkei! Die Show verzaubert mit Tänzen, Kostümen und einer Geschichte wie aus 1001 Nacht. Hier eine kl…


emel. xia says:

ehe sinirleniyoo

maeci mei says:

is this turkish?!

hert bert says:


MrDbbaa says:

İn some history books greeks+turks =turkey turks

BeautifulDidem says:

Turkish Bellydance is the BEST!!! 

yuzyokisimyok says:

Söz yok! Süper. Tebrikler. Tüm ekibe. 

DeathlessLowe says:

Arab dance, but it is better than the Turks!

sampath bandara says:

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zzaamm1999 says:

go and ask greek people…

it doesn´t matter if they eat and drink the same things…

kebap = gyros
raki = ouzo
cacik = tatziki
dolma = dolmadakia
sarma = sarmadakia
baklava = baklava

but the are telling, everything is greek and the turks have stolen it -.-

wtf is wrong with those guys?!

zzaamm1999 says:

thank you

where are you from?

ketur02 says:

cok güzel

mstcanx says:

haha LoLz

Sydney95Chechnya says:

belly dance is arabic!

Benedict Fernando says:

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DilmaDorta says:

Thank you, very much!

anti fetocu says:

american terrorist we can fuck you again like Ataturk
you must write Hail from the terror state American Empire

Wranm9l says:


DilmaDorta says:

Beautiful Performance!

DilmaDorta says:

What is the name of this song?Please, can anyone help me?Thank you!

ahmet demircan says:

Barbarian ? Do you see Afganistan, Iraq, Sudan Who barbarian Rappers..!

magentastyle says:

que hace KISS alla atras sentado?

singularku says:

nice music,nice dance but most importantly! nice girls!

Andrea Lukic says:

Amazing :)

LcoDce says:

ne mutlu türküm diyene.

haliladem1969 says:

WoW !!! I’m in love ….!

Jahangir Zadeh says:

Have an open mind and always ready to be educated don’t profess to know everything ! So yes please thank you in advance too.

Ceyerda says:

Also u dont know anything about my country.Kurdish and Turkısh ppl are brothers and sisters.For example the group above established by a kurdish man.
Even we had kurdish president in the past….What i like about my country is, do u know? We are very rich ppl becouse,we have lots of different ppl from different cultures and beliefs.Ppl like u, never can brake it…

Ceyerda says:

Just loughing what u say lol…Armenians killed over than 2 million ppl in ottoman time in anatolia, u dont know the otherside of the story.What s really happened? Why they dont go to court if it is real?? If u like to face with the truth i can give u links…But i know,ppl like u,love to speak like that about ottoman and turkish ppl.

andjelka1000 says:

what men can think about when they see this?

bellydancerinanna says:

seriously I’m american too but hell at least I know turkey is such a mixed and rich culture. Second their government is secular! I have to say turkey is like the coolest islamic country because they are pretty liberal

katjastepan says:

Fantastic fantastic
Anybody know a song title?

ImaginedWriter says:

I thought Turkeys were Islamic barbarians, learn something new everyday.

Hail from the American Empire.

SnakeKundalini says:

Although I prefer the Egyptian style, I have to admit, that I love the energy of the Turkish oriental dancing: it is so catchy and very animating especially when performed by skilled and beautiful ladies like these ones. You hardly receive this atmosphere of participation in other (e.g. American) stage performances, where the audience is “just watching” which I find sometimes very boring to be honest.

Sam Harris says:

sure it does it’s just as important to them as belly dance is to middle eastern people. You have two very popular styles in this world one is egyptian belly dance and then you have turkish belly dance. Didem kinali is a perfect example of famous turkish belly dancer along with tanyeli who is another great dancer from turkey.

Sam Harris says:

ummm not that is not how belly dance began, seriously the ghawazees are the ones who made belly dance popular in egypt but they had nothing to do with turkish people what so ever. Egyptians have more graceful are movement and is considered more elegant than turkish style why turkish is more fun, flirty and the hip movement is more prominent in turkish dance not egyptian. Turks dance havasi which have a lot of hip movement so they use their hips just as much.

massart09 says:

siktirtmeyin ebenizi izleyin siktir olun gidin amk.

Atakan Çelik says:

You don’t know that the fuck is bellydance then.

2010athenababy says:

you’re kidding. bellydance has everything to do with turkish culture. when you study bellydance you get taught two schools: egyptian and turkish. they each have very unique features and steps that the other doesn’t. saying that bellydance has nothing to do with turkish culture is like saying spaghetti has nothing to do with chinese or italian culture.

kuntyfacedbitch says:

its obviously not greek look @ the description LMFAO

kontrafa says:

turkish belly dance is diffirent from arabic belly dance… its name is çiftetelli!!!!!!!

kontrafa says:

ottoman fuck u in past time babe? fuck offf stupid unknown

000aysh says:

Turks traditionally danced using our upper bodies more than lower. We had seductive but graceful arm and chest movements. The Egyptians, however, were more provocative using their hips. The Ottomans combined the 2 styles resulting in what we know today as bellydancing. Let’s just enjoy it now :))

Sara Ni says:

Bellydance has nothing to do with the turkish culture

Ренат Колоколов says:

Был в Аспендосе в 2008 году на этом концерте. Нам с супругой очень понравилось. Просто супер!!!

ClipOriss says:

From what country do you think I am to allways say “You stealed it!” ? And the only Greek dance I know is Sirtaki, if they have another one, I don’t know and dosn’t really care if it looks like the first.
And I have already said that the oriental dance (the real name of it if you translate it right) belonged to only ONE culture groupe but got ADAPTED by other countries like the greek and turkey.

And again you CAN’T steal culture. Others can adapt it but not steal it.

ClipOriss says:

What a nice way to keep it classy chat.
Oriental Dance belonged ONLY TO !ONE! culture (and was actullay just between Woman) later it got adapted to others like the greek, osman empire (were it was mostly not allowed or forbidden) what is now the Turkish. If can’t get over it, your lose. Stealing culture lol

ClipOriss says:

Thanks, but I didn’t say that Turkish people can’t do belly dance, anyone in the world can do it if they want and have talent and all that Woman or Men (yes men can too, you will finde one of the best here too 😉 ) It’s just that they say it’s Turkish culture that started with it, what is not true. That’s it 🙂

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