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Stephanie learns the brazilian martial art of capoiera.


Mary_Gentry says:

send me a friend request i love your videos ^o^ btw check out my pics!! hihi

isabelmi2 says:

_hehe Fantastic Thank you btw a little blog

vid4view says:


It IS a fighting style.

Dingus69 says:


ooooh internet tough guy I’m shaking

malditosea0671 says:

It’s not really a fighting style but more of a dance, popularized by slaves back in the day in Brazil as a protest against colonialism.

Independance Prod says:

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Carminute says:

CAPOEIRA! Now that’s new to me .I would enjoy learning to do it.Is that taught anywhere? I live in CANADA. MERCI.

Jess The Joker says:

I grapple and thai boxe (and fight) but i still think that capoeira s cool.

pez111111111 says:


poospa says:


stupidman2013 says:

Don,t judge a book by the cover. Look at the UFC fights most of them are mismatch. There,s more to fighting than style. A good kick beets a punch any day.

natemoffett says:

you wouldnt be able to get into a lock up with a master of this style because they are always moving, and they are pretty quick too

rext24 says:

It’s half dance, half martial art; quit comparing it to fighting. That Steph girl is cute.

“Muay thai would rip its face off.” Who talks like that?.. I’d rip your face off.

Dingus69 says:

agreed muay thai would also rip it’s face off

doc_d20 says:

Truly, an inferior martial art. One lock-up with a grappler would end it.

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