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Ok, for all of you conspiracy theorists and such, I have to address a number of inanely negative comments and observations. 1) Stuart is on a leash, not a st…


john achas says:

and its not even tired standing for almost 2mins.. coool..

annabella atkins says:

that is so funny

emtcowboy1968 says:… your an idiot

emtcowboy1968 says:

this is a video loop..

MsAllaboutthemoney says:

Lol how cute

Kelly Gump says:

I am still laughing over your comment….

Jose Ovalle says:

the Mexican dog can dance up to 7 hours salsa


Not a string a leash.


This is sooooo freaking funny!!

emichelle19 says:

that would be called “choking” not “reverse cough”

Kelly Gump says:

I’d say this is Hilary Clinton but his dick is too small.


of course it’s a chihuahua

Amanda W says:

That’s not good for his neck.It can cause reverse cough

Casey Smith says:

I was actually wishing I had been a little nicer in my comment! Nobody should ever have something ugly to say to someone who is looking out for the well being of a dog or any other living creature. I appreciate you and anyone else that is paying attention to things like this. Sadly there are plenty of people that will harm their pets just to make a video! Take Care.

MrMsbori14 says:

Lol! Very cute! :-D

cassandra moses says:

i see the string

diz iness says:

ok i watched this and thought it very cute at first, however whilst I did watch the end of the vid, the dog associates the dancing when on therstring/leash. I don’t think I like it, I am an  animal lovr I have 2 small dogs, and it seems wrong, he has most definitly been taught to do this, and/or encouraged to do it whilst on the string/leash, if he did it anyway, there would be no need for the string/leash, right?

George Rodriguez says:

Good reply ! Not insulting and to the point. Need more youtubers like you.

George Rodriguez says:

Thanks for the reply! Actually its the nicest reply I have gotten. Wish more people showed respect like you did. There is no reason anyone should leave a nasty comment. My post never insulted anyone. Although I had to reply back nasty to the ones that did.

Casey Smith says:

I initially thought the same thing – I thought the white behind is head while he is dancing was being used to make him stay standing. However, I watched the END of the video – he very clearly puts all 4 paws on the ground when he wants, and jumps back up when he wants. When he jumps down you can see that his leash is attached to the chair or table behind him. I am a complete animal advocate and lover, this dog is doing this because he wants to.

L.Dot. M. says:

A string invisible hanging the dog? so it can not fall?

4kej says:

go to 1:41 and pause the video. now look at the leash attached to the bottom of the table and reflect on what a stupid arsehole you are.

Sigheart Valeth says:

Clearly these haters didn’t see the entire video to the end. Hahaha. It was the position of the camera and the reflection of the light on the leash that made the leash look like a string. lmao

deja0entendu says:

Did you see the part where he put himself down, then stood himself up? Simple to understand, the dog it using it for leverage.

SavitarTheSurfingGod says:

I had a Boston Terrier that did the same thing she just started doing it one day when she was about 6 months old and i encouraged it i didn’t force her to do it she liked getting treats for the “trick” she did on her own i even dressed her in a tutu one year she loved getting dressed up it was hilarious she would prance around in her little dress and show everyone she would try and run if i went to take it off my other dogs hated getting dressed up but her she loved it.

raesenmaeher says:

It’s a leash idiot. Every dog owner has a leash. Better that the dog is in a leash, than it getting run over or running away. Please educate yourself and shut the hell up!

Candice Bauer says:

he likes it no ones forcing him lmao do you see anyone holding him up? XD

noizboy1 says:

I’m a dog owner/lover and for all you haters watch the end of the video. The dog clearly has a choice whether to stand and dance or just simply walk away (which he does in the end) it’s people like you that make this world so “politically” correct.
Fun police at the ready.

sybernaut says:

Jeez people, chihuahuas are naturals at standing on two legs, mines been doing it since he was 4 months old and I’ve never encouraged him. There is nothing inhumane about the leash this one’s on, plenty of slack there.

Graciela Macias says:

He’s so cute….and seems to enjoy it :)

Stephanie Bolondo says:

Omg chill out. You weren’t there to see the if the dog was being abused or not. People like you guys are the reason people don’t smile often and take life seriously. Stfu. Enjoy the cute dog dancing & don’t come here yelling ‘abuse abuse’ when you weren’t even there. FFS.

djjohes says:

no es salsa es merengue pero ta bueno xD

MrZigzag89 says:

@ongkobambang2 i see you must be from peta and guess what no one has the intentions of even giving twi fucks about peta … i cane to see a dancing dog not a activist

CuriositySpot says:

Very Funny!! He looks like he is having a good time the way his tail is wagging!

Allure Ranch says:

Cruel…. and shouldn’t be considered acceptable.

corey01851 says:

They “train” aka abuse the dog by tying a rope around its throat so that if it puts its paws down it will be strangled, they don’t show you how many times the dog choked before learning, his poor back legs must be so tired.

russianladyhere says:

There is string on him. *************

filip cufi says:

chep amimacion

Alanderson Rodrigues says:

tadinho,to vendo uma corda na colera do cão.

Skylar DeathThrash says:

What is so bad about this? It’s just a dog dancing. I don’t see how the hell it’s abuse.

Tryggvi þór says:


shakeitupT says:

so awesome

louis brigitte says:

y a une ficèle!!!

Cameron Keller says:

😀 😀 😀

Starfox64nintendo says:

People like you shouldn’t be entitled to use the internet.
No, not ‘poor dog’. At all.

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