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sexy sexy sexy !..!..!


Mila Milana says:

Michael Jackson – Hollywood Tonight that girl :)

Label Art'Element says:

Hey Dance Lovers,
I’m Artistic producer from France. All my artists are amateurs, but to my mind they have some talent.
If you love street dance, please come to my channel and discovered Delta D’Eight crew.
You won’t regret it. Give them just a chance, please : )
Take half a second of your life and thumb this comment up.
Thanks you and sorry for my bad English haha,

Rossy Gospodinova says:

what is the name of this salsa song ?

Sara Vasconsellos says:

this is amazing 🙂

bananafritta85 says:

Jennifer Silvas!

kassandraa flores says:

<3 luv it

izeliya1 says:

Bravo. excellent dance……..Bravo

rizlene57 says:

so sexy

Sue-Ann Martodidjojo says:

i want to know the song of it?please who can tell me the name of the song?

mcbobmc67 says:

Que genial kisiera bailar asi pero donde yo vivo no lo enseñan pero me apasiona todo esoo:0

John Perez says:

Wow wow wow now that os dancing right there just wow i am speechless… loven this video…

mari0paul says:

por favor, latinos! no se dejen engañar por falsas luzes, más que todo somos vivos!

mari0paul says:

no me gusta nada cuando se intenta mesclar gringos sinsaborosos con el pueblo latino, que tiene gana y futuro garantizado!… Hasta el desenpeño de Banderas és ridiculo!!!

ThierryMuglerAlien says:

wow. this was just woooow

emberkitty16 says:

love this part

david yingai says:

Name of the red head? Jesus, she is smoking

MsVeronika85 says:

I love Sofia Boutella, she is absolutly amazing!

2fastfingers says:

Title: Quimbara Remix
Artist: Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco
Remix by Lloyd Perrin & Jordan Crisp

But couldn’t find it anywhere. Not on Itunes, Grooveshark, etc

Stella Lashkaryan says:

street dance

Stella Lashkaryan says:

Despite I like both movie, I should admit that Step up is better 😉

thefatalveli1 says:

any one knows what’s the first song???

Leydi Geraldine Morales Tezen says:

Street dance 2

Monika Geletková says:

Celia Cruz – Quimbara (Remix) Is this that song?! :)

Iveth Ibarra says:

Me encanto, amo ser latina este tipo de música es simplemente tan apasionada:3

Natalia Zelenina says:

street dance 2

jihyugbyftryg says:

Как называется этот фильм?(What is the name of this film?)

Monika Angelova says:

!!Sòlo Salsa!!

alfredo ayr says:


killer114188t says:


JenniferCruz Rodriguez says:

Eva dances classy! <3 Just the top of the red's one,doesn't make her dance classy! #justSaying

thefatalveli1 says:

what the first song is ? in the beginning…

2pac999666999666 says:

that is one hell of a sexy ass dance fuck me

GIRL1993AM says:

hey guys can you help me find all this remix please???

omarhuda20 says:

The one named Eva

omarhuda20 says:

And guys do u know that black haired girl is from Arabic country.

sdswsh1106 says:


neyotan1 says:

daaaamn red head woman and the guy in black shirt dominated it like hell! how he made the girl slide on his back and the woman’s finish with a sitting position from 1:33 and 1:38, is just super amazing! over the head spin towards the end and the way they finish is so cool! they definitely won the battle!

Likin majoR says:

what’s name of the first song minute 0,16 i don’t find ! answer me please !

killer114188t says:

Moves weren’t the only things she had xD

Vanessa Morgado says:

0:22 song name?

Areli Olivera says:

que peli es esa?¡

sugarcrystal04 says:

This is hot!!

Юрий Буяновский says:


chris kazz says:

the song before it at the start is Cesar Pedroso Les Tres Gordos remix!

Gabriel Juárez López says:

Es Maikel Fonts el del video???

MrRobivankenobi says:

i guess the first song is from Cesar Pedroso – Les Tres Gordos Remix

Qurash says:

3 of the most famous hip hop dancer are from algeria…Sofia Boutella, Bboy Lilou, Salah!

Qurash says:

WHICH REMIX? thats the important question

kimberley Poulin says:

What’s the name of the redhead??

elshanmj says:

Вы тоже из-за девушки смотрели?)))

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