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The Pico Blvd Group granted a music master use license to “So You Think You Can Dance” from the Dimelo! Records catalog featuring: Chino Espinoza.


Ангелина Лаврик says:

музыка классная)))

anisia marie says:

They are good, pero this aint no salsa, CHA CHA is what this is.

Ladrian Zadalos says:

WooW Felicitaciones Excelente CHACHACHA No salsa, Pero muy bien bailado en 2 y todo como buenos bailarines! y solo para que quede claro no fue SALSA! era una CHA CHA CHA ok? no confundan 😉

Congratulations WooW Excellent ChaChaCha No salsa, but very well danced in 2 such a good dancers! and just to make it clear! it wasn’t SALSA! CHA CHA CHA was ok? not confuse it 😉

shane Echuveria says:

no salsa but DAMN this was sexy. i bisexual so i look at both dancers >xD

Adventure1982 says:

Sorry dude, but only because both Cha Cha and Salsa are from Latin America doesn’t mean that it is both the same or has the same origin. To name this video “Salsa” is just stupid.

Adventure1982 says:

hay elementos de cha cha, pero noy hay nada de salsa, que tontería

Florindo Giorgino says:

me gusta mucho,caramba

yelitzedesirius says:


keithpurduecroft says:

It was hot! Get over yourselves. That was Dancing.

lromeroyt says:

This is NOT Salsa…maybe Ketchup! gringos can’t have it need to be Latino

Mia Cheung says:

it says cha cha in the video this is not salsa!

Frau Pandora says:


CARLOS L.D.S.C says:

Spain?…. sorry my friend but i think you just dont know anything about salsa…. salsa is a mix of different Afro Caribbean rhythms… Spain has nothing to do with this music… actually “EL SON” wich is the basic pattern of this music was born in Cuba from the mix of African slaves and the native people of cuba.

nato f says:

iwwwwwww…that sucksss!!!!

Rodney Davis says:

I’m reading this thread and can hardly believe some of it. They call it cha cha folks. Don’t you think its because they KNOW its not salsa?  But if you’ve got good ears, eyes, and a sense of timing rhythm, you should recognize the salsa underneath a fancy stutter-step on the beat just before the half-phrase. There are many variations based on the great salsa tradition. That’s how music and dance evolves. Salsa itself isn’t “pure.” It has elements from Spain, Africa, and a host of other places.

Katire Tolimense says:


Silvia Gigoi says:

What’s the name of the song?

hasanyardimci47 says:

Bu işte hem dansta hem yatakta mükemmel ola bilen bi kadına sahip bu bir milyonda bir olur hasan yardımcı 05426168248

Taylor Sanchez says:

this is NOT salsa, scammed!

BabycJane says:

In the beginning, they already mentioned is CHA CHA. But is a very nice cha cha though.

frank veldhuis says:

ella es linda creooooooooo

colo63 says:

Well done guys!

Sw33tn3 says:

Whether it’s cha cha! or Salsa in the end its just a dance, no need for you peeps! to fight over a DANCE.? 🙂

Raul Aucapina says:

WTF? those gringos are out of mind. That is not salsa! go back to school

Raul Aucapina says:

hahahaha. buena !!!!!!

malfaRe says:

idiots it isn’t salsa it’s cha cha

whowillplaythegod says:

its not salsa

KimaGyaru says:

”Esa negra si está buena”. GOD THAT GIRL IS WHITE, SHE’S NOT A NIGGA D:

SalsaMyamor says:

where does salsa come in here? lol

Karla Paola says:


jaime santillan says:

yeaaa? salsa luce sensual la chica
.muy buena cordinacion. me encanta esa niña como camina presiosa

lester chua says:

Yeah, I’ve noticed it was out of sync. But I agree, the dance is awesome.

Lucrecia Quiroga says:


William Smith says:

you realize they say “cha cha” several times, right?

Britte FF says:

Where is the salsa? jajjjaj it´s ridicult D

kogika2006 says:

Great ! 0:42 0:43 whats that thing on the guys hair?

yajairagonzalez75 says:

Salsa is a mix of many cultures, originated in Cuba and Puerto Rico , its a mix of guaguanco,chachacha, it spread over Colombia and Mexico where they mixed it with cumbia,if u noticed how the trick is in the move of the hips combined with footsteps that go side to side and back and forward. It seems difficult but once u get the basic u will get it from there.

MsAsificare says:

wasn’t that cha cha music?.. and steps?..

Didiane Barbosa says:


TheAri96 says:

Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Son, Guaguanco and so on….

TheAri96 says:

This is Salsa with some kind of modern music mixed together…but for those of you …Salsa is the mix of all Cuban rythms which are :

wahyu amba says:

nice i like

Austyg says:

a perfect example of the dance not fitting the music—none of the moves fell on the beat of the music.

Laurens Vermeyen says:

haha, indeed

Yehenders says:

sorry but chacha its salsa too… the diference its the dance xD!… cuz the song you can use to both styles.

rena papadopoulou says:

this song is chacha not salsa 😛

Jana Brown says:

U taught me for ballet. Long Beach Ballet!!!!

Xant Mann says:

The style is “cuban son”… close to salsa but closer to cha cha…

Carlo Fernandez says:

So, just to be sure, I think this Is Cha cha, and Not Salsa right? =)


I make salsa for dancing.

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