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Close Jennifer and Anthony sexy salsa dancing at the Salsa Dance Splash 2007 at the hot salsa dance event. This is not what you see in “Dancing with the Stars”. For salsa dancing lessons Video shot by Salsa Nuevotec


Dede7again says:

This vid is ok. They’re not feeling the music

Jeyekomon says:

For me this is probably one of the best performances I’ve ever seen, like… EVER.
I fell in love with that girl and her dancestyle in a couple of seconds…

omari sims says:

stop being a hater

5176kate says:

La tia da unos pasos gigantes de salsa y son muchos mas cortos

Alex renault says:


OahuKidd says:

Salsa is badass but I don’t get it. So it’s not routine right? Can you pretty much dance salsa with any partner? Guided by the hands? I want to learn now that I’m in San Diego. Lol!

jufra20 says:

I am peruvian and i agree, but I got two left feet and Im learning… what videos do you recommend for ideas?


valla mierdade video 🙁

XochB says:

yeah exactly
if u really want to enjoy dance salsa u have to feel it…salsa is a lifestyle

anyas pinky says:

they seem to be a bit too focused on technique..and lose the passion

XochB says:

hahahahah ok for me they dont give me the sensation that they r enjoyying and thats bad. dance salsa is not only a performance that has 2 look perfect.latin püeople can dance because they dance with the heart, that is the most important

CAHUHE1 says:

I am a colombian and a real salsa dancer, looking at this terrible representation of salsa….. depresses me ! There is no flavor ! for those who do not know what salsa is, please do not take ideas from here, this is not even close !!!

tito9511 says:

lol they suck

jesus perez says:

Algunas veces estando prendido se baila mejor jajajaja!

Vahid Masmaliyev says:

Tito Puente – Hong Kong Mambo

Peterly Cardenas Guevara says:

porfavor el nombre de la cancion, alguien lo sabe?

Peterly Cardenas Guevara says:

please , someone can say me the name of the song?

steppenwolf8164 says:

does anyone know the name of the song?

frost471ag says:


Anto Gent says:

Salsa forever!!!!!!!

Josi Cardona says:

Josi Cardona says:

if u look really close, they r dancing balls. u should go to cali-colombia, they really have salsa blood. no offense

tonythis i montana says:

These guys are terrible.. The guy looks like he is drunk. Can’t even keep his balance.. You want to see real dancing check out Nery Garcia.. Incredible…

Aura Paola Coronel Morillo says:

me encantan como bailan

Miley Asakura says:

hahahahahahah! normal latin people without salsa classes do not dance like that…..
People, everything is about you can hear and feel the music

greetings from Switzerland… By the way… I am venezuelan

Al B says:

If you’re going to accuse people of stealing… get your story right. Cuban music was very popular in NYC in the 50’s, and 60’s. After Cuba got embargoed nothing was coming to NY. The Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican musicians then picked it up and ran with it. It was Jerry Masucci (Italian) and Johnny Pacheco (Dominican) of Fania records that came up with the label Salsa as a marketing tool to sell the music easier. Puerto Ricans just went with the flow….They Never Stole It.

Al B says:

They’re dancing On2.

Al B says:

Hong Kong Mambo - Tito Puente

Josè Alvarez says:

que es esto ?????????? mal

GoldVision says:

Yes two dancers could definately dance like that regardless of the fact if they know eachother. In the end it all comes to musicality, the connection and the chemistry between you and the girl you are dancing with.

You could have two amazing dancers who dance technically well but have no chemistry at all and all you see is just some patterns being executed well.

Jeyekomon says:

Can two well-dancing people possibly dance together like that even if they don’t know each other? If I was a pro, could I pick a random dancing girl and enjoy the dance with her? Or a dancer must first get used to his mate’s moves, style etc..
What’s your opinion? Thx.

tejamaihoo says:

partner’s level? jennifer stein is a professional salsa instructor and performer. adventureboy78 is spot on…

SuperCruzhito says:

Wtf is this sum mexican shit??????!!!!!!

nicole art says:

they probably had sex that night..

Angel Rodriguez says:

Hey whats the name of the song there dancing to is so cool>?

whyyousaygoodbye says:

….we’re not at the top of the dance world

2012lapalapa says:

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ducks5k says:

Are dancing on 1 or 2? I just started taking classes n can’t tell. Anyway I like their style

PurrPurrPurrPurr says:

This is the most IGNORANT statement I’ve read in some time. I feel sorry for you.(2)

wuqiongxiao says:


GoldVision says:

no this is not choreographed.

Bryant Diaz Romero says:

Chill out! this is an Academy salsa dance, way different that street kind of dance, its all about taste. I prefer street style over academy style, but they are all beautiful. And yeah anyone can dance if he wants too =)

004spaw says:

” europeans and americans are at the top of the dance world ” bahahahah go do your chicken dance .. hahahahahaha ohhh mayn i havnt laughed so much!!!

Juan Duran says:

He got owned on 0:46 xD

sherinians says:

youtube full of precessed lossers nothing more……..

Al B says:

This is the most IGNORANT statement I’ve read in some time. I feel sorry for you.

Joseph Ng says:

Is this choreographed?sorry im ignorant in salsa.

buzzcity01 says:

just watched it, that was an incredibly hot performance with passion, style, and flair. thanks for the tip on that

Al B says:

Yeah Buzz… I know the type you’re referring to. We have our version as well here in San Francisco. I’ve been dancing for 45 years now (mostly old school Salsa) and just recently started to take classes to “step up my game”. There are many great dancers out there…… but what EGOS some have!

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