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SuPeRgIrL9862 says:

Are you circumcised or circumcised? My legs have been spread and ready for either.

peRRfect5952 says:

Like to do it now or absolutely love to relax and watch? We should get naughty.

schuhvruthea says:

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shenikawblazer says:

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mogechichioppai says:

que cancion tal culera

bignastymaster says:

Damm I luv the way you twir those hips made me you no what lol

joe salgado says:


joe salgado says:

I love you to

ambroseamyotte2011 says:

Nice booty dance gota see more

mylatino1 says:

the song is “el Andar” by Raf Astor

Pilot55rus says:


mylatino1 says:

The name of the song is ” El Andar” by Raf Astor you can get it at itunes

raffyproductions says:

Bailan Bien Pero Tengo El Tema Perfecto Para BailarChekea mi Channel y Escucha Pal Party de Raffy Estrella Nuevos talento… PAL VERANO MIXTAPE 2011

poppysquarehead says:


lalo11390 says:

the music was horrible the girls were great!

Will Davis says:

dancing ain’t that bad. I bet you suck at it.

herbabiix3 says:

“Sexy Latina Dancing and Shaking booty” ok so thats the name of the thingy right? then why is it that more ppl wanna know the name of the song? just goes to show the women aint that hawt

Mrnyzfin3stdon says:

la semilla pero bailando asi mi amor eso es salsa

Netfundu says:

name of the song plz..?

crimsontidephd says:

What is the name of the song????!!

crimsontidephd says:

What is the name of the song!!

SuperSection3 says:

damn girls holla .. fucking boring watching this video i hve come tu fc

ShaunLuigi says:

The girl in pink is fine

ilatinagirls says:

i like the way you move mami

LilFiloCwalker says:

nice body ..!

76xerxes says:

What is this! where are the thick females all these hoes have no Meat just Bones!

eric sanders says:


manineed41 says:

the lady that is in skin tight jeans and dancing hotly.. wow what a set of hips and thighs

didinaingdi says:

I’m lovin the 2 chicas in the shorts.

digit389 says:

i did all of them

sushie224 says:

hahahahaa the music started with run with the bulls lol

Derrick Rhame says:

I would love to have the fine one in the shorts

338437 says:

Todo soon Linda

martinimvu says:

Look how she moves her hips.

otherGatsu says:

Muy buena rola

bybarra07 says:

too sexy

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