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It would be awesome if you could like and share this video! Thanks for watching :D! Subscribe for more epic content :)! SONG NAME: Harlem Shake – Baauer *ALL COPYRIGHTS go to Baauer or whoever is in charge. This is not my song* Harlem Shake (Black Edition) Harlem Shake (Terrorist Edition) hot halfnaked girls harlem shake The Harlem Shake (Park Avenue Mimeo Nemo Edition) Harlem Shake (elevator edition) Harlem Shake v3.5 Original Skateboards Office Harlem Shake v72 (SourceFed Edition) RightThisMinute Does the Harlem Shake The Harlem Shake [v6] The Harlem Shake highschool class version (indonesia) The Harlem Shake Nintendo Version – Nintendo Harlem Shake Ft. Mario The Harlem Shake THB Edition The Harlem Shake! (SHAYTARDS STYLE)


Emile Heskey says:


meaty459 says:

0:18 LMFAO

riku hovi says:

Theres too much boys on it.. 😐

Emporioforlife says:

Yoshi xxxD

DOLGKrovosos says:

Peter, you’re too fat for the Harlem Shake.

PredatorzEditing says:

What the hell

hamle12 says:

amına siktıklerım ya :DS:DD:SD:DS

Moon Kitty. says:

4:33 their mom comes in and is all like WTF

MerridionStudio says:

R.I.P Gangnam Style . . . 

SavageRooker says:

That’s one lucky ass manikin. 

Peter Griffin says:

Yeah. The Harlem Shake is again the new fashion for the next month.

Fajar Haryanto says:

just do it

Rhodora Snell says:

R u sure this isn’t Jersey shore cuz all it is is people humping things

ivos131 says:


DOLGKrovosos says:


PsychTheGamer says:

Watch my top 5 harlem shake vids 😀


Armin Bohm says:

Best harlem shake ” harlem shake mostar 9gag edition “

soaXhamza says:


aphexbg says:

Right behind the camera :)

Jose Contreras says:


Rangga Putra says:


Ignacio Tudecides says:

Look the best harlem shake of the world in my channel, is amazing!

Puli Silva says:

05:02 where were the teachers & the principle?

ANDRIAMIHAJA Crislen says:


watis yaring says:

Oh! Wayne Rooney 3:11 😛

CLAYX6 says:

same here

rhett jenkins says:

and there goes my tissues :/

snoopeylove says:

6:05 *

snoopeylove says:

6:005 demon child and baby kesha

Aj Mampz says:

in 1:21 it is the MOCHA GIRLS from Philippines! xD

DjTobiOfficial says:

nice ! 🙂

Adrian Li says:

Come check out my kung fu harlem shake!!!

TechXSoftware says:

you could say, its the breast part

Francy Lazin says:

5:05 !

killdude3000 says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came for the third video
So did you

Michel Mihai says:

5;30 MW3 lool

Chris Yoo says:

1:21 I LOVE AND 1:52

Wirexia CZ says:

im 1 😀 no 😛 im 12 :D

Zoe GSM says:

Im 11

RealPeloLoco says:

way too many dude clips to be considered sexy….

lewis logan says:


TechniqThrift says:

actuarly im 12 and watching

Puli Silva says:

:O @first harlem shake video!

James Allen says:

1:43 PSY would say…DAT AASSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Osthe Babu says:

the first one i was like… was milk really necessary?

Emily Payne says:

KSI! 🙂

Cemo99999 says:

I am 15 and I can confirm this

camila Naa says:

only because hot woman appear

daniel210697 says:

Just wanted to be popular u.u

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