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Sexy stripper girls do the Harlem shake! Who is your favorite girl? 😀 TAGS: “Sexy Harlem Shake” “Girls do the Harlem shake” “Girl Edition” “Naked Harlem Shake” “Original Harlem shake video” “V1,V2,V3,V4,V5” “Strippers do the Harlem shake” “Bikini Edition” “Pornstars” “Ass” “BOOBS”


Missouriman37 says:

was you in that video?

InkEyesPDX says:

you’re retarded, quit stealing footage ya cunt.

Lee Jie says:


CanalPierims says:


John Drugga says:

Video one is better

CutieDancerzBeccaz says:


ReloadFM Jyzerr says:

Best Harlem Shake ! (2 year old)

Keith Diamond says:

Part One was the best.

Tommy Walburg says:

God damn they have small titis

stapletttt says:

What is the reaction of someone looking in that room from another room? (─‿‿─)

YouWillJizz says:

Leave the video a like for V3!! Also subscribe for more sexy videos….

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