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Alyshia Solo – Natasha Solo –


fawkmee says:

0:49 you welcome..

forever556mm says:

ur watchin it to!

momatrix105 says:

Ya know I wish I could live in this guys head

luv2eatpuss79 says:

If it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right

Caique Zen says:

Beautiful and cute *0*

Wesson Vaya says:


rastuditosanta says:


SeenDisNub says:

they are not the one with the red bunny hat

BestHarlemShakesTV says:

Alyshia Solo – /watch?v=jD9_BhQhMcc
Natasha Solo – /watch?v=YlUImc5Viqo

darksaw5 says:

Hey, the only reason ure bitching is cause you cant get any dick fo yo fat ass. get back to the kitchen u ugly hoe. actually, hoe is inaccurate, cow is a better word

Garrett P says:

U Mad Bro?

Archangel10123 says:

I am a 22 year old, single, heterosexual male. Could you explain again why its “wrong” for me to look at this?

Hui Yang says:

The lion….

TarkYellow says:

Asians FTW!

Amazing0916 says:


Justno bettername says:

Crap gotta fap again

2bhat says:

So sexy! Yum.

SeenDisNub says:

Who is the one with the red bunny hat?

Emma Collins says:

Perverts, stfu. The reason your going on YouTube is to comment in videos with girls in them because you can’t find yourselves a REAL women… Filthy bastards.

baller kk says:

Except they are not natural..

TheDjahzi says:


AmericanHizzle says:

Ummmm not so much

jneb748 says:

Oh yeah well then what did they say on the TV?



Dakotah Davis-Torres says:

I would like to get to know them a lot more if you know what I mean. 😉

touchen thao says:

Down boy! Down!!!

ItalyPaul says:

Sexy Harlem Shake Asian Girls like

fred molina says:

me love them long time

Pedro Escobar says:


Aric Phuong says:

Woah. LOL

spenceCID says:

I’m only watching this because I’m learning Mandarin….Honest!

chipimon says:

Extremely nice.

Lester Castro says:

Very very nice !!!!!!!!!

mastercreative1 says:

Very Nice !!!!

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