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Incredibly hot latina dancing in booty shorts.


1huaweim8603 says:


love latina says:

who is she? where can I find more of her?

Samuel Caubatz souza says:


M Gee says:

It would have been hilarious, if her mom came in and whacked her big ass and said, “No way am I taking you to Disney for your 14th birthday now!” LOL

windycity23bulls says:

Bounce ass on my dick

Dirk Diggler says:

Check my Channel for hotter latina dancing vids guys! 😀

Martin Torres says:

Luv it

Julian Avalos says:

damn, she’s got a nice big and round ass 

paul roger says:

nice ass,,,,,,,,,

Ajdin Hasanić says:

@ghwvtfs damn there are much better sites than youtube for girls. i basically only ever use one site now because they have real girls who like to show off on cam and want to hook up hit this up in your browser

Rajat Nemast says:

I dont understand…. how and from where do latinas get such kind of yummy ass ??

is77rdr says:

lol who cares?

lol21432 says:

perfect ass

manhattan deli says:

esta linda y su musica la acompana vien

Martin Torres says:


Rooster2771 says:


tony montana says:

Good shit

humbertogarcia1068 says:

Hey sexy lady

manny262478 says:

. brasilian no latina.

papibronxxx says:

Mmm shorty got a body, I like her moves.. I guessing she is brazillian..

siraly hun says:

very sweet sexy lady with beautiful body, face and long thick hair!

atomkv1 says:

OMG latinas are the best. I would never go outside if I lived with her. Perfect ass, perfect body.

Smkwave says:

Why am i here?! o.O

wjrican says:

God loves you. Repent. Go look at kitten videos.

bonilla6543 says:

Keep moving dat ass of urs it perfect

alexandre ferro says:

De que lugar do Brasil você é? Preciso te conhecer urgentemente.Vem pra Alagoas, gostosa!!! Vem que é de uva, banana, abacaxi, do que você quiser, minha deusa.

João Anflor says:

this is not reggaeton.
what a jerk

hugog82hg says:

Nice ass moves..

irvgaddi21 says:

Thumbs up if your dick got hard after watching this!

An Actual Lemon says:

i dont believe that poop comes out of that


que lindo yo nunca me canso de esto 🙂

BigMasterWolf says:

Thumbs up if you masturbated to this video…

Seion Barbour says:


Ihat8bobb says:

Shame if daddy or uncle never got a lap dance 🙂

tsammerman says:

what’s the name of the song? 😀

isstudent6300 says:

i want a brasilian girl <3

nastylatino says:

sooooooo hotttttttt but the music sucks

69Vekuno says:

Why do girls have messy rooms lol

runestones2 says:

don’t go, she’ll friendzone you!

EDwinDoSaNTos16 says:

Man now I have all this cum on my hand

tetovapride says:

the lovliest bich of utube

kickfreak23 says:

@thespoiler2 then go tell your brother wahts shes doing

xJUNIORx2K10x says:

The music is horrible!!!… BUT SHE SEXY AS HELL!!!:D

Firstc a says:


tetovapride says:

What is the name of this music that she dances PLEASE?

Nene24k1 says:

this is candela right here

ArmenSur says:

dat asss

tetovapride says:

Whats the name of the music please someone?

tetovapride says:

the hottest bitch ever

Kleteets says:

thats not sexi dancing thats horny dancing

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