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Close (for more Hip Brazil/Vanessa) and FOR DANCE VIDEOS: SAMBA DANCE …


Yamina Boase says:

good teaching, great technique!

ThePrincessleonor037 says:

Thank you!!

ThePrincessleonor037 says:

great workout

pizza margherita says:

che bello!! voglio proprio vedere se ci riuscirò!

vanessaisaac says:

@manuraiodeluz. You can get the tracks at Cd Baby at

The name of the album is Hip Brazil Grooves, Vol. 1. There are several samba tracks including Samba Party, Hip Brazil Theme and Samba Marathon- For Samba Dance and Practices. Thank you and enjoy!

manuraiodeluz says:

where can i find this music to dance samba?? Thank you very much for your help 🙂

Barby Es says:

Vanesa I´m from Argentina and I love so much “Samba no pe”, we have carnivals too and they are amaizing like in brasil, most of our teachers are from uruguayana brasil. so, I love you can teach the rest of the world how to dance samba! sorry abaout mi english 🙂

MsKeizet says:

The best explanation of samba basic I have found, yet! Good job!

Chue Florido says:

felicidaes vanessa  gracias por todo disculpa pero no hablo portugues mucho ☺

doracmc1 says:

A real Brazilian dancing the real Samba!!!! Parabéns, Vanessa!!!

EsChEliSj says:

Wow This Dance Is Nice Im Going To Dance This For My 15 Surprise Dance

Idiot Savant says:

I am american and am terrible dancer. 🙁 this one is too fast but i like how it feels. I will practise for a long time this one.

Samantha Asobie says:

Thank you very much great workout!!!

kreangfan says:

you are very sexy, i love you vanessa.

786Maary says:


Martini C says:

great great great!!!

LemonScissors says:

This was the most helpful and natural way to learn samba. Really apreciate the tips you give ‘i also think dancing well is all about an attitude that consists in feeling and enjoying the music and your body flowing with it. In short, dancing is celebrating! relaxed and joyful, but you’re celebrating you are feeling & loving the music you’re hearing. You got to first learn the basic steps, then it all consist in letting those steps get shape just by following with the sound and celebrating!! 😀

QueenSemiramis says:

This is great!!

MeliLovesYou100 says:

😀 i love ur country ! greetings from an aztec girl lol 🙂

MariahKayyMassacre says:

This is great video ! I have danced many before and this video is so easy to learn how to dance Samba!

tmoon3301401 says:


spamstoper3 says:


Erika Rosales says:

Love it! My Love is gona love this! Its sexy!

nemoegirl says:

– I Love Being Brazilian.!

ladyknight43 says:

this is the only video that has broken it down in a way that I can pick it up easy. thank you.

Magda Ortiz says:

I enjoyed the easy step by step instructions. Thanks:)

Jonas Mendes says:

Samba no Pé

Olivia Andre says:

very good lesson

Lailanisurflove says:

yayyyyyy i love this 🙂

0509killer says:

I love the sensuality in the narrator’s voice! It’s vanessa?? Meu Deus!!!

Codsx400 says:

i really love the video,all the steps are very well explained. It’s very easy and very clear to understand! I wish i could dance like you!

BSBcty says:

JUST FEEL THE MUSIC ! You dance to express your moment !

Nicole Vergara says:

Moves vey well explained. Steps one two & three very well explained.
Thank you. You have vergood moves.Pleasure to watch you

Robert Palmo says:

very good

djmdus25 says:

where can i locate you,,, at any place near to new york…

MrzHardy says:

thanks now i know so when i go to Brasil i can dance there
i <3 brasill

abo1121 says:

Linda! ☆☆☆☆☆

missindia905 says:

Best samba vid on the net, thank you!

raqueltouzeau says:


millionstylez1 says:

whts the song at 5 28

Tarbatukindlus says:

very good:)))

tang0ang3l says:

you’re a great teacher! Thanks!!!  abrazos from Argentina

IshtarBellydancer says:

shes lovely and soft in her movements 😀

maidenerica says:

This is so nice, she is a good instructor I feel like I can dance now!

nali1201 says:

Thank you !! I’ve been search an easy way to learn samba and finally I found it!! . Greetings from Mexico

Regie Jayawon says:


Luciana McCadden says:


Gertrudes Greinwald says:

Eu modesta parte aprendi a sambar aos 6 anos,e me e somente hoje em dia,eu obtive a perfeicao,mas nunca saberia passar para outra pessoa tudo o que sei,mas esta mulher arrasa no ensino.Parabens!

alexsampaio says:

i’m from Rio and I can assure you this is the best way to learn samba… greetings from brazil!

bellaricana says:

hi vanessa! do you know wear i can buy the samba costumes?? thank you

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