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For more videos and Salsa news: Salsa History -Palladium Era-Golden Age of Dance PART1 This episode is a 27 minute documentary showing Mambo dancing in New York City at the Palladium in the 1950s. Back then the night began with a free mambo lesson On 2 (hey, just like they do today at some places !) and continued until 4AM. Old footage was displayed of the famous dancers of that era. Their dance style was not quite as precise and polished as today’s dancers but it was fun to watch everyone doing their thing on the dance floor. Currently, the Ballet Hispanico dance company is performing at the Joyce Theater in New York reliving the days at the Palladium. Each dancer was selected to play a certain “character” from the 1950s palladium days: the socialite, the married couple dance instructors, the underage girl, the hot Casanova, plus the neighborhood people and weekly regulars. And “playing the role of the big band at the Palladium is Ray Rodriguez and orchestra Swing Sabroso !” It was great ! Dancing to “Baila con Swing Sabroso”, side by side footage was shown on the screen of the black and white 1950s Palladium dance floor mixed in with the current Crystals dance floor showing identical dance moves and dress. Footage of the band at Crystals was mixed in with their music video.


Gregory Santiago says:

Salsa is Puerto rican

HowToDanceForMen says:

Pretty funky, I like it…

RomancesyBoleros says:

jjajaj don’t make me laught, you must said Cuba!

tonygarcia4 says:

its funny PALMIERI, says in an interview that salsa is cuban music, so does TITO, DANIEL SANTO
RUBEN BLADES, and the list goes on if you need their videos you can see it

MrThrillgil says:

i dont know about mambo but i do know that salsa music dance began at the bronx casino and the palladium we gave it to the world I WAS THERE in them days 2 time a week and at the international club the big salseros like cortijo miranda willie la voz palmieri to many to mension

dnyc78hotmail says:

Not true, do some research.

dnyc78hotmail says:

Damn, Palladium closed at 4 a.m.!! Nowadays we don’t have a social that goes past 2?!?

jonibaloney2003 says:


nicelady53 says:

Salsa/Mamba are belongs to AFRICA

Willie Will says:

Now this is were the “REAL” mambo begins. As a mambo dancer for a number of years, I have a true appreciation for a film piece like this. Many thanks.

hirtonline says:

thats my grandfather Federico Pagani….

my name is Alexander Pagani
if you have any questions about my grandfather call me 646-704-9092

Koolicious22 says:

Salsa has its origin in Africa,end of story.

Koolicious22 says:

Rewriting history huh?Salsa has its origin deep rooted in African dance.

bebop54 says:

want to thank you for this series …..

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