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Dancing dog doing a salsa (or is that the merengue?) Either way… he’s an unbelievably talented pooch! You’d almost think it was a little kid dressed in a dog suit!


Lolafabiola85 says:

I wonder if the dog speaks Spanish too!

11elisa8 says:

Dances better than me lol

LisaJ727 says:

I find it amazing that he can remember the entire dance
with such a variety of moves.
His dancing exceeds anything I was able to acomplish.
There are many videos of dogs dancing where the signals
the trainer uses are obvious. I didn’t catch too many in this
entire video and that’s what makes it even MORE amazing.
I wonder if this dog’s dancing partner could teach me.
I respond well to treats!

Sasquatch Timemachine says:

Truly AMAZING! But the more I watch it, the more freaky it gets. I fear I may have stumbled into a parallel universe…

dddarkassassin117 says:

How did I get here? I went on YouTube to watch a clip a out NASA.

fluffball12231996 says:

Sooo cute

Frank Morales says:

Ok but that music is not salsa its merenguez..

ezzstreet says:

Roger Smith is right.

Lucia Corte says:

OMG!!! THAT IS THE MOST AMAZINGEST DOG I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! i have 3 dogs. They annoy my dad. When he saw this video he said he wants to buy this dog. I told my dad whoever owns this dog will never give it to him. So my dad has no chance.

Karen Wonfor says:

this is great, what a dog, never saw anything like it

Denise Logue says:

that is by far one of the most incredible things i have seen in my adult life concering an animal.

mandresesp says:

Actually, this dog is from Chile….amazing creature

advance512 says:

This is in Colombia, right? 🙂

rick2190 says:


Lisbeth Cervantes says:

I love it!

Msjordanne86 says:

I watch this to get a good laugh every time

MrTbt008 says:


Georgina Ayestas says:

O wow, pense k ya habia visto de todo. Lol

Jennifer Coleman says:

This is amazing

sashygirl73 says:

I dont get it but i like it

kkissane88 says:

@Katina Barner Yeah it is. Saw them perform live at Bonnaroo last summer.

pinkshyaa says:

Herb singer Hahahah  .. Really he trained her very good

MikeChambers1001 says:

THAT’s Precious ! LOVED IT !

Wanda Grindstaff says:

Love Love Love this. Best dog dance I have EVER seen.

rfiaavae says:

Of course

Katina Barner says:

Yeah but is it real?

herb singer says:

The dog dances better than I do.

TheAithWONDER says:

Now, if this doesnt warm your heart, nothing will.

nicolejnj83 says:


think0fengland says:


Josie L. Perez says:

ahahhahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahahahahahahahaha

BlueWonders018 says:

Whoa! D:

OfficialLPSfan says:

Amazing! I can’t even do the salsa XD

Chris Pena says:

tooo funny!

millafied9 says:

Blah blah blah something liberal about dog abuse, blah blah blobama blah blah.

Krista Sealey says:

all hail the new k9 overlords

Velveteen Rabbitt says:

This just made my year!

PushPopContainers says:


Donna Pier says:

Amazing and totally awesome

juliancisthebest says:

This is the best thing ever. It is fact.

chapis castrejon says:

this is too cute. omg im so amazed

KeroroGunsouTX says:

Lol, that dog can dance better than most people. 😛

Kla Coronel says:

OMG!OMG! can i hire her to be my Dance instructor!

stampersim says:

OMG this is hilarious. I can’t stop laughing. What a talented dog 🙂

bmwone says:

It’s merengue, & I love it!!!

daisysage1 says:

This dog is amazing! Loved this!

girl38rockify says:

What an amazing dog.

dlouthain says:

Die? Whoever says cats are smarter can go die? Jesus Christ. I guess this is a pretty serious issue for you. So like, you’re saying that anyone who makes that assertion – you would just not care at all that they would immediately after saying that just get run over by a car. Doesn’t matter who they were, your wife. What if your wife/husband was a cat person? I mean is that just the end of it?

Jericho92Gamer says:

hope you gave him a big bowl of food after that dance

Martin Piceno says:

nice vid

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