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For our newest salsa dance videos, visit In this advanced salsa dance lesson video we show you an advanced combination that utili…


christian guerrero says:

You put descarga montuna …can you be more specific please of the group and the. Exact song name , Anthony ????? Somebody ???

purvi chaudhari says:

Suscribes within 12sec. In the beginin of video…Amazingg

christian guerrero says:

Great video whats the name of the song please!!!! That’s hardcore

BigCSmooth says:

Best instructional videos I’ve seen on the internet. Easy to follow. Keep up the great work!

apersaud says:

It is part of our app called Pocket Salsa

corrio64 says:

@Melissa Rufus

NongDanNhaQue1 says:

thank you very much

robdaviesreturns86 says:

Very cool, I’ve got the first bit down, second half needs some practice – love the videos thanks for posting them 🙂

Melissa Rufus says:

 I dont get the counts i just go with the flow, but nicely done.

Jesus Carrillo says:

Hey anthony! Those shoes look like sandals lol salsa shoes? I like them…where did you get them from? I need a pair…

Andrew Hernandez says:

Smooth operator. Very nice Anthony!

salsaideas says:

Excellent way to teach, keep up the good work.

Phil Styles says:

Great lesson. Thank you 🙂

saylop says:

para que aprendan hacer vuelticas…ahi les va);a buen entendor pocas palabras…

Rayo Frezh says:

como siempre buenísimos tutoriales!

diana larks says:

What’s the name of the song and who plays it?

Ryurockswu2u says:

Agh! I love it!

Michele2luv says:

Seeing as I am just learning on 2 it’s nice to see a move so nicely done on both counts back to back. I love watching these I learn so much 🙂

michel7773 says:

Don’t get this. I am a great dancer, but I don’t get the counting. I just go with the music.

TheCubanInc says:

Yey.. Julie is back! Woohoo!! 😀

babykaysayokay says:

smooth moves, great for showing off 😛 I would practice this entire video to make me look as if I really knew salsa, wich I don’t :P

Johndbh says:

Thanks for all the great moves i feel less ridiculous in salsa parties ;-)))

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