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Bonus performance from sadie’s complete belly dance.


whitesuncrusher says:

now that is REAL belly dancing.

georgiamargal says:


Nadia Karraz says:

It’s rare that I find some good belly dance video’s. It must be cause a lot of the ladies doing it don’t have arabic, berber, tuareg blood…It notice it by the way they move and their body type… If you’d get the chance to see them… You would open up your eyes.. But you won’t find videos of the real ladies rocking the belly dance 😉 BUT!!! However!! SADIE IS TRULY THE EXEPTION… She’s the best I’ve found so far!!! Really really good!

GorillaGal says:

it would have been nice to actually hear the zills.

firecrackerNJ2CA says:

oh my Lord…this woman is a goddess. Sadie is the BEST. I’ve been taking lessons for year and can tell you that she makes all of this look TOO good and TOO easy. Bravo!

ImThatRandomGrrrl says:

This video confuses me… if I’m a girl, then how did I just pop a boner?

PsychoticGeek23 says:

WOW WOW WOW!!! She is so stunning!

delvalle quintero says:

bellos movimientos

delvalle quintero says:

bella danza

delvalle quintero says:


delvalle quintero says:

hermosa danza

TheWildScarletRose says:

You know better…I had no idea!

MrPokeirfan says:

Probably lebanese is copy. Because this is traditional turkish song from ottoman empire.

TheWildScarletRose says:

I thought it was he lebanese song “Ah ya Zein” if I am not mistaken?

Razorback2088 says:

Well, if this is what an Arabian belly dancer looks like, I want one. Have a nice weekend!!!

Cyclamenist says:

Best bellydance outfit I’ve ever seen.

FreedomWriter3 says:

LOVE THE OUTFIT! This is the third video I’ve seen of Sadie and she is so impressive!!! 🙂

uley21 says:


uley21 says:

If this is was Russian Ballet, Sadie would be Maya Plisetskaya. Amazing Art with capital letter A!!!!

MillennialSuccess says:

This woman is talented….WOW!!!!!

DDelilahM says:

Sadie what happened to the woman you married in a taxi cab ? Are you still with each other?

Flora Giannakos says:

I’m pretty sure she’s Salome reincarnated. Stunning.

34reynalyn says:

Love her moves

Alvina Rogers says:

Excellent muscle control! So glad I ordered the teaching video. Hope to someday be able to master these moves.

amayachan223 says:

thanks for the inspiration 🙂

Жанна Ла Клайр says:

I can dance like her, just watch her videos and practice…1 year and you can dance like this, mund and time.

Gema Sancheez says:

she is the best bellydancer!!<3

MrPokeirfan says:

This is turkish song. Name: “Muhabbet bağına” or “Ararım”

Frida Izumi says:

sexy!! <3


i love youuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!

Joan de bies says:

very nice!!the bestt!!

Joan de bies says:

she is defenitely the best bellydancer!!

amayachan223 says:

lol, dude she’s married with a child

divinedvon says:

i want to be her man 🙂

alexandre habre says:

i want the sonnnnnnnnnng :'(

yay10101010 says:

She is amazing!

alexandre habre says:

omg sadiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee u r the besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

moonstonegoddess says:

this is absolutely one of the most perfect bellydance routines ever. true bellydancing at its best! thanks for posting. I see so much dang “gymnastic bellydancing” thats its sickening and this is so original and the costuming as well!

Justin P. Langston says:


dLaflaka88 says:

love it!!

Noura Hassan says:

very nice you need to work on your zills and saiidi pattern with the music you are dancing off beat
other wise nice job

luvubby18 says:

shes reallyy reallyy good andd ii just saw the video of didem and saw that there was a whole different type of dance ii like this style a lil more shes more earthyy 🙂

Miroslava Acosta López says:

En serio, la amo!!! <3

someutuber72 says:

So feminine!

hazardmuffin says:

This is just a bonus performance found on the DVD. She doesn’t teach this particular choreography, but she goes through a whole warm up section, various moves, dance drills, and another short choreo. You can actually find the entire DVD on youtube I think.

Leonardo Oliveira says:

Sadie,vc é tão linda e excitante,quero mais,só faltou o bellyrolling,gata,bjhs!

bebetigre12 says:

Ay ya Zein

Rylee R says:

I have the same mark on my side

Nastja M says:

what’s the song?I need this.

Sam Harris says:

no it’s a dvd. I think this is sadie’s complete guide to belly dance dvd

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