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The FAA is trying to determine if some students violated any rules when they performed a popular dance during a flight from Colorado Springs to San Diego. Members of the Colorado College Ultimate team did the “Harlem Shake” in the aisles. (Feb. 28)


Josiah Haygood says:


Henry Fieldybob says:

What the fuck

kariniux0417 says:

Funny shit !! Lol

vpaopv says:

Wow o.0

Vadillan Dhiyatama says:

What the heck. LOL

Rianna Hudencial says:

-TrollFace- EPIC YO

mdog911111 says:

lol such a troll

rabbiltullah39 says:


rabbiltullah39 says:


angiecarpio35 says:


r81984 says:

Trying to determine??? WTF they dont know their own laws.
It should be a simple yes or no on the spot, if they dont have an answer then no laws were broken.

derrickmaynard81 says:

Funny as hell lol

Gerardo Torres says:

CHECK IT OUT ! just add the youtube part in the link…FUNNY AS HELL

meilah mcdonald says:


Billybob joe says:


Alonzo Heredia says:


ironmantis37 says:

This video is all over the news. A bunch of drama queens hitching over kids having some harmless fun. I say good job guys. I never knew anything about this dance thing until this video popped up all over the tv. Made me smile. Turns out YouTube has plenty others to view as well. Would have been cool to have been on that flight.

cristjanai says:

That went hard

thundershielddl says:

I just saw this on i think CNN and they were pissed they’re just having fun i don’t see why the were so mad but i think it’s really funny

truth123ify says:


Paola Ramos says:

crazy 😀

SteelKnuckles5 says:

What if they started diving smh

zoeadler1998 says:

to have been on that plane would have been quite the story to tell…..”so one time I was just flying to San Diego…”

G4ntst41100 says:


llstrawberryll says:

Dang lmfao thass wassup[:

luisnolascofcb10 says:

I bet the pilot was freaking out

steve larzo says:

*You’re. And I’m the stupid one.

Garrick Smith says:


dopeboy717able says:

This is epic

Robert Welt says:

I wish I was on that flight

mdog911111 says:

very, im going to be uploading a few vids on my truck soon! but its ok your just trying to be a loser and pick a fight over the internet how sad lol

alexandra13489 says:

In the news they said a man got hurt while doing the video

steve larzo says:

And all you have is video games and cat uploads. How original.

steve larzo says:

You have gangnam style, the most cancerous thing in internet that only mainstream sheep follow, as your profile picture. And can you not read? Apparently not. That’s not me. That is my friend. He posts while I comment.

frederica benjamin says:

I was on it in the plain

Sydney Smith says:

This is probably the best Harlem shake I’ve ever seen lol

Redjoker96 says:

The government is composed of a bunch of hard ass pricks anyway.

mdog911111 says:

Look at your stupid videos, you have an 8 minute video of you eating. Seriously?

elnutboy says:

Screw what the FAA has to say about this video.

elisabeth davidson says:

Someone harelm shake with me that must have been the best flight Eva

Penguins Rule says:

Who else asked where did he get a banana suit?

Terastas says:

It would have been funnier if the original dancer was actually in his seat at the back somewhere and all you could see was his head, shoulders and his arms flailing about.

But this is still one of (if not the) funniest versions. If only for the guy in the banana costume.

Tampawizard1979 says:

I vote for Harlem shake on space station.

josh conwell says:

hahaha just messin with you

owwwwcccchhhh says:

Ok this is stupid

brettdeweese says:

The FAA needs to go play a game of “Hide and go fuck itself.” and concentrate on keeping air traffic controllers awake.

redwolf007ify says:

what would of made this video is if all of a sudden you saw the pilots start dancing

senecaruiz says:

I don’t see the big deal as Long flight crew was aware and gave the go ahead the passengers should not be held responsible for having fun and letting loose 🙂 way to go Colorado !!!!

DarrenBunt says:

They could have all died, I heard Fat Amy was on the plane!

niger860 says:

raw Harlem shake

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