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Alfredo Méndez says:

You are adorable, Patuuii.
I love your dance.
I kiss you and I love you.
Alfredo de Buenos Aires

Alfredo Méndez says:

Bravo, Patuuii!!!You are the best, you are the only one!!!You have a beautiful and erotic hair!!!I love youAlfredo de Buenos Aires You have 10 starts

trbillywilly says:

I love your videos so much. I keep having this dream that you are dancing just for me. The mornings I wake up after having these dreams are the best mornings. The dreams when you are dancing are the best I’ve ever had. I check for new videos every day. Please keep making more videos.

spiderknight2014 says:

you”re very nice and sexy =)

keblaha says:

Love all of your dances, please add me as a friend. Thank you for being you!

Al says:

I am dancing with you now Lady K. Thanks for the great night. ;)5 Stars

goddess kashmir patuuii saucier, says:

i am here for dancing ,love please get up and dance with me, love you all ,hugs kissess,

slavetoothegoddess says:

i am truly your eternal slave all my love to you goddess,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

gray beard pirate king says:

you have my heart dear lady ,my mermaid of the ocean rises like a sun into my burning sea sky of fantasy and bone worming delight i am your slave of the underworld ,the pleasure you give is unmatched by any dancer on this planet, invigorating in every spectacular move,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Duncan Mc Cloud says:

i am sending a large donation to your dance for the heart foundation, you deserve all the suport in the world you are a rare talent so many talents love from your devoted fan,Armond

lady kashmir charette says:

so lovely,i,m in the mood to have a goddess experience yesssssssssssssss

darkstar666 says:

you have it all,wow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

captainkronos says:

mind blowing ,awesome ,more ,

kattna says:

amazing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, costume, and spectacular dancing,

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