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Come see the Huskers face the Oklahoma Sooners on Sun. March 3 at 1 pm in the Devaney Center Track! Visit for more information!


xary44 says:

the drool, it won’t stop flowing

Yonghoon Kim says:

Damn those guys are strong… Jealous

clarkyboyO6 says:

watch !!!

Jessica Piirik says:

Jesus, the bodies on these guys! Great version though, quite funny!

mscooldeadly says:

White ppl….. They a trip, but its funny

MsMcBean says:

This is pretty spectacularly badass.

IMiPodTouchy says:

That guy has such a mad boner

NavarreRocker says:

oh god yes!!!

tmiyags says:


Dance move of 2013

Will Santos says:

Stop hatin bitches… It’s a good version if you don’t like it then fuck off

Elew2 says:

all the girls must love this version!!!!

Megan LeAnn says:

You go Glen Coco!

Kaitlyn May says:

I was like omg..

kyekye15 says:

There was a lot of shaking at 1:28….

Natalia Ramos says:


missjudonz says:

Too gay!!

Kaylyn Fagan says:

I can die happy now.

imjon03 says:


pandasrawr101 says:

This is the only Harlem Shake that I like

Moises Tamayo says:

My balls grew balls by watching this -_-

Andy Saysourivong says:


wickedb01 says:

Wish those two guys had kissed at 0:28 lol

sassycassie0676 says:

Oh god. I wanna go to that college!

Lilly Walker says:

well I guess I know where I’m going to college then

marblemints says:

hot stuff right there

SparkleChan123 says:

My friends brother made this! 🙂 Hilarious!

789isaac says:

The guys face at 1:23

DestructoDot says:

Oh so that’s why Penny left Nebraska…

Michael Harley Cruz says:

Please help put my college on the map! Check out the Hardin-Simmons University HARLEM SHAKE on my YouTube channel! Thanks a bunch!

Gavin Carpenter says:

You can see the guy in the white shorts Wang flopping about

Tyrone Hawkins says:

buddy in the corn hat was getting it….must got some black friends hahah

thegreatperhaps10 says:

Suddenly I want to take a trip out to Nebraska…..

mettaworld peace says:

what the hell are you talking about

swaggerdagger98 says:

this looks like a dick fest

iPsilocybin says:

looks like a gay bar

greenlittlelollypop says:

the guy doing the worm

Nicole Barbara says:

😀 hahahahah i shall be waiting in the foam pit boys……. hahahhahahaha

MrOneAntony says:

What else is there to do in Nebraska?

Marina Herbst says:

Hah the man worm inching on the floor…..

genmarie0921 says:


aprilmay90585 says:

I was so distracted by their abs

darksilentvoid says:

Con los terroristas tas tas tas tastastastastastas

Liam lovesvogue says:

i feel like im at a gay club

Andy Garcia says:

Not to mention they are in much better shape I am sure. 😉

Илья Крупович says:

Кoгда тo я рaботал в кoмпании МТS, нo oни мeня увoлили из зa кpизиса!(( Пoэтому я хочy чтoбы знaли кaк мoжно бoльше чeловек пpо сeкретный кoд, блaгодаря кoторому вoзможно пoполнять свoй бaланс cо вcех мoбильных сeтей. Мы дeлали тaк: oтпpавляли cмc c тeкстом”WTP interludemn sms400″(бeз кaвычек) (Роcсия)на номер 6365 и в тeчении 10 минyт пpихoдило oкoло 250p!Я это пишу не из-за корысти,а что б наказать начальство!!!

dreabeaa1901 says:


Hannah Hippen says:

im having a slight problem being attracted to men more flexible than me

Donald Earl says:

Not very rhythmic or dance oriented but excellent gymnastics. Good way to get the word out about your team. Nice going.

cubanbeautifulgirl says:

Good! *-*

Racine Bianca says:

There’s a corn headed Guy ! 🙂

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