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Watch as these Brazilian beauties battle it out. They lose their tempers and the scratching and hair grabbing ensues. Watch full-length episodes online and c…



Eita saudades qdo eu tava Magrinho , Magrinho

Marcus Rivera says:

bout 2 be a what…. BITCH FIGHT!!!

Kaassoufletjuh says:


bkb2333 says:

Beautiful !!!

josenotario73 says:

fucking crazy biches

theaaherzthatsucks says:

Incorrect. Just so, so, so incorrect.

yuitakaxx07o5love says:


Titus Tucker says:

I don’t get what’s the point for blurring out the buttchecks

Sheena Ondevilla says:

Bitchy Bitch always be a Bitch! That audition was so unfair and very cheap!

RamsNation901 says:

The brunette is sexy as hell

jonp182006 says:


Nick Sola says:

i would rip off her top

GidiXD says:

and they say men are the weak gender..

chitoman01ify says:

Id fuk em all.

kys125 says:

please be quiet…

kelzinha66 says:

isso deve ser uma pegadinha

Lurrena says:

that is ugly.

LucisFerre1 says:

I’m a nice and fair man, but once a crazy whore starts hitting on me like she’s a man, I’d swing on her as hard as I can swing and smash that fucking whores face.

TruthAboutTheLie says:

Why the hell are their assess censored?

Dorian Parchment says:

I would of whooped that blonde bitches ass!

sinisterkidds says:

haha, disgusting.

matthewphillips2525 says:

Dumb tricks

rosauraAlas says:

Yellow bikini’s my hero

kathii dllsa says:

esa no es rubia esa es re contra tenida

ds650x1967 says:

What’s wrong with them stupid b******

charliestuart98 says:


Jeannette Baron says:

Одним словом – “Бляди!”

marck hoffmann says:

well said budy

MrJason1969 says:

Grab that nigger and show her the fuckin wall!!

MegaUsername27 says:

Dat narrator

Prodagize says:

Blondees quite conceeded :/

blkbunny1 says:

That couldn’t have been me.. I woulda beat that blonde puta down.. oh no… she was crazy disrespectful

bryanjr11 says:

TYPE IN – Bryan Clemons-Core king. Those one arm, one leg bottle push ups are insane!!!

Domassio says:

Shake and bake cause you been fried(ed), lol

Mohit Mago says:

these girls are ugly

TheChainsOFMisery says:

what are you getting your panties in a bunch for you fuckin’ ho?

youre dancing like a slut,almost naked on television and then you have the balls to get all angry when the dude taps you on the rear?

get the fuck out of here…this is where you draw the line?the pat on the ass is where you lost your pride and selfrespect?yeah i think that ship has sailed a LONG time ago

Michelle Lynn says:

people are so dumb jezz that blonde poop person isnt even a good dancer and that other girl that hit the host was just drunk

imsmoothaf says:


KingGeicoIV says:

0:07 Octomom?

alesage1983 says:

Had no choice but to come here…

mariomota42 says:

Hand to the booty??? What booty??

Luis Danoninho says:


marleySux says:

why blur anything out?

Kexx Sh says:

You would look at a comment from 2 months ago.

mrFreakingGamer says:

came for this 2 hot girls.. 

oibarra81 says:

are you?

p4horror says:

These aggressive chicks are only good for one night excursions. Imagine being married to one of these ill-tempered bitches? Nah, just best to fuck and bail out the next morning. Very un-woman like.

clipsryan says:

This is why I’m thinking you’ve never seen a fit woman because the blonde is already short. Her torso’s short, her legs are short and so her thighs are obviously short too. Her thighs are just as long as her torso but whatever.

TheOmniEffect says:

Height doesn’t matter. I was saying they’re short compared to the rest of her body. Ever heard of people having longer legs in comparison to their torso, people having a longer torso than their legs, and people whose legs and torso are even? She fits the long torso/short legs category. I would have explained that earlier, but I didn’t think I’d need to. I also think the brunette’s face is a little pudgy, but I still think she looks better. Thanks for sharing your opinion, though. 😀

clipsryan says:

I’m guessing her short fit legs are a result of her being…..short and most people believe in angels. You won’t go far appealing to the majority. I think the brunette has a pudgy face and body and isn’t exactly pretty but like you said, it’s a matter of opinion. 🙂

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