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Love me or hate me, both are in my favor…If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart…If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.”


Judas Priest says:

Who gives a shit. I’ll shag her anyway.

Kumud Saini says:

hahah fuckers … indians don’t copy .. they just show that we can do any style .. 😛 😛 ..

Mandeepak Attri says:

Listen guys,even doing a copy nd paste that’s not a easy task. And it’s not about the copy paste it’s about the talent alright and if you have got a talent then why don’t you come on a stage and perform in the front of judges and to the crowd so please cheer them up take care mate

rubel khan says:

yes india copy and paste always lol

James Bond says:

Indians got the shit, copying everything from Hollywood and the American media.

medit1111 says:

Completely agree. Some famous belly dancers have watered down moves to please a crowed that want to be entertained with a sexual dance, rather than the sensual, gracefull, or upbeat varieties that are available in belly dance. I love her layering techniques, they’re amazign.

medit1111 says:

Everyone has room for improvement, but if it wasn’t good enough the pannel woudn’t have been impressed with her and let her go to the next level; she must of done something right.

medit1111 says:

She may not be perfect, but she’s got a lot of tallant & it was beautiful. Everyone has room to imporve. Interesting how you picked one thing and said “she can not dance belly dance at all”, im sure the rest of the coriography, cordination, isolations, layering, rythem and timing & other techniques counted as dancing belly dance. So she needs some pointers, but who doesn’t. way to be a becan of negativity Venus9092 if anyone has lack of grace it’s you, you lack in your words, you lack eloquence.

Venus9092 says:

She can not dance belly dance at all! It was not absolutely beautiful. A belly dancing girl’s head should always be up, she was looking down all the time like a monkey. No grace, no plasticity!!!

Asha Naraine says:

good job

KGRathod says:

Saali itni moti hai ke bas ……!!!

AlexanderaCherie says:

without a bit of “fat” some moves are hard to be seen…
And it’s not bad fat…

Cockney Longman says:

semma katta

nabaraj giri says:

Love me or hate me, both are in my favor…If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart…If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind

armina dubcova says:


armina dubcova says:

xorosho tancuet

Nina Kothari says:

Natalia Filimonova is a great Prostitute-Escort & Dancer that charges good rates per hour I heard. If you want her services you can call when she is in town next. You can find her on Facebook and here on Youtube if you search her name…

nellieluv2010 says:

for the most part she is good but at tmes sheshe is waaayyy to aggressive and harsh….it’s like bellydancing on coke

manzoor ahmad says:

Meher Malik Very nice ap ka dance boht acha tha mojhy bohtacha lagha 

sandeephyam83 says:

you just prove that india has realy a great tallent
just we love u

armen filmusa says:

She makes what’s so difficult look so easy, graceful, and beautiful.
A real talent.

seasonedsevencolors says:

Miss Kher, even if its Cabaret- so what?

S Zubair says:

Meher Malik i love

JustCasualGRENNAN says:

how did i get from government conspiracy theories to indian belly dancers?? fucking youtube magic, man..

Meldizzlebabe says:

beautiful! dont listen to the cunt who says ” learn it properly” you do it better than a lot of the famous belly dancers! keep doing it! you look amazing!

Shahbaz Ahmad says:

Belly dance iz not easy….

Anna Alexander says:

Shik shak shok by Nancy Ajram

jatt kuwara Pau Khlara says:

emme jess ur from

micah rondina says:

@civxvnd sure is right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Listen to this My senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise. worth watch here now >>>

debasish1971 says:

Not Good enough, Please learn the dance properly!!!

Anna Rodrigues says:

Meher Malik dancing too. I would like to know the name of this song, does anyone know?
Thank you!!!!!!

emme jess says:


robert marius says:

oribil wrf mannnnnnnn :O:O:O

virendra Patel says:

Very Good – Belly Dance

Sasa Ruru says:


marvey107 says:

Zayn Malik

prateekmahala69 says:

she dance like this….. but you can’t.

888snuffy says:


c noel says:

the most sick belly dancer i have come across. its better you stick to your cheap bollywood crap dance..

mrinmayee edekar says:

Your such a narrow minded pig ! So let me guess… men have the right to rape a woman because she likes to live her life in a certain way or do things that please her… what ur trying to say is that we should all go back to 18th century orthodox india ! n hey belly dancing is a Very beautiful art…. A person who can perform is very talented.. but i guess a cheap and narrow minded person like you wouldn’t understand !!

adi2777 says:

Putting gunny bags on women is arab culture at the moment.

adi2777 says:

I reported him. Please report him for that comment. Just calling out someone isn’t enough. Report the twat!

gunesgun says:

ı lıke how they are usıng bılıngualısm!

Akira Saga says:

Amazing & beautiful Dancer!

1Dispretty2me says:

if Meher is getting criticzied for this preformace then no one is good enough, you need to shut your trap, drink some happy juice and get over youself. Can you do better than this? You had better be 100x better than this if your going to tell ehr she looks possesed. You are a huge jerk, I;m sry but it’s true…Possesed? really? She has feelings,obviously you dont. And as for telling her to speak english, SHE IS INDIAN. SHE SPEAKS HINDI. you wanna watch you learn the language.

Jazz W says:

Teach me!!!!!:-)

mrmuhit muhit says:

nice i like it

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