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Indian Belly Dance


manishawasthi1989 says:


darkstar0000001 says:

wonderful beautiful..i love tribal belly dance the best

Alina Mehmood says:

*mouth drops*

MrNoJoketing95 says:

how did u do this

rashree singh says:

best shimmies ever seen !!


A woman with a REAL body and moves like a Goddess!

Knowles87 says:

Shes like watching moving art

priyanka awasthi says:


hazardmuffin says:

Wow, she is great!

Rishi Sharma says:

Hats off to the talented lady……….

1Dispretty2me says:

BOUNCE by solace

Tamyia Jackson says:

That’s looks real hard but I’m learning how to do it.

Zinaccti says:

the songs name is bounce, i think with like mosavo or something

morenaaa34 says:

she is soooo cute!

Mohammed Awais says:

cant express in words

1Dispretty2me says:

my word you are a sad sad pig

abdukhang says:

Thanxx alot vinet you r so nice

uranium uranium says:


avani vasani says:

beauty redefined

GlamourSouth says:

for more hot stuff, visit

Atiwadi says:

I think u have smelled his ass our ur GF’s ass………hahaahha……. Though my ass smells better then it….a boy like u told me…..u can smell it……plz…come…..hahahahaha……

Heather Ha says:


ash333stunner says:

meher u rock!!!

leon rodes says:

YOUTUBE-shiamak summer 2012 alene

guytri79 says:

she killed it! love

Esther Marti says:

Quite lovely, good body control. Can however benefit from losing a little belly fat, thus minimize bouncing and look more sensual. Belly fat is more related to a girl. A stomach that is toned looks more like the stomach of a woman, a sensual one. The beauty that is sought in ‘belly dancing’ Good luck.

KayMillaz says:

Fusion definitely suits this girl, it’s so much better than her other audition

Daniela Elfa says:

Como se llama la cancion que baila MEHER?

IvanWGHS says:

indian people really smell bad!

nitinrustagi71 says:

too good…nice music also

hasjani100 says:

omg very good dance love it

whutagain says:


Perla Flores says:

omg ur awsome love it
hope to become like that

nnatashka5 says:

search for -nino lejava she is great!!!!!

blackazdiamond says:

from what i have seen so far, this was a combination of bollywood and belly, she chucked in a bit of classic styles..which makes it more interesting to watch then those ordinary/routine belly dances..

Rixwan Khan says:

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me the name of the Song……:)

hiteshgkpl says:

lets the music play
album name

innocent4evar says:

damn shes really good! :O

rozer sandhu says:

yaar maja aa gya

Taastrup0phsyco says:

she is one of the best belly dancer I ever have seen !

afjal rajput says:


max white says:

my god when she lie down she look so sexy

TheSarahmaynard says:

सुंदर नर्तकी

Vidyut Jain says:

It Punjabi song in album ‘solace bounce’. You may find full song in youtube itself by above name.

Liliy Gutierrez says:

super damb gud belly dabcer

zizoops says:

Its Let the music play by shamur

4everbellsneds says:

can somebody please tell me the name of the original song?
i dont know which language it is in

Jangraboy2312 says:

tooooooooooo goooooooooooood

valerinbombin says:

whats the name of the song?

koolleokhera says:


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