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Oueh koleon Rychmond says:

c’est du bon mapouka serré.

gsmtoolses says:


briancool55 says:

now i know where the Idea of lap dance started!!

MrVisionofafrica says:

is this legal ? I might start posting some shttt!!!

Wayne Folkes says:

How old IS this video really?

DrFancyGal says:

we’ve been twerking since the beginning of time. Amercians are just not catching up!!!

kaka kpan says:

this answer everything twerking was born in africa not in america

emily martins says:

u can dance mapouka in ur bed for ur boyfriend lol

thekrazygeek says:

aw gosh! i wish i could fondle those hot black booties

1990mrgoodnight says:

i wish tha was me.

mangara100 says:

xè très bon la video

ambassaify says:


carlafatiou says:

: ce sont les YOULES, titre: SABINA

carlafatiou says:

@mcdonks: the title is SABINA, by youlés

mcdonks says:

SONG TITLLE?? somebody please give the song title, pleaseee !!!! thanks

lilah976 says:

j adore cette son trop bien !!!

muchiraful says:


ambassaify says:

j’adore cette, chanson dommage ke je ne sache pas si c ça le vrai titre

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