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baycumwonder says:

Hi bundakissa, can you pls sent to my inbox [email protected] the full video. thanks

bornad wilson says:

go to u tube and create an account and watch your video

Alhadi Abo says:

hot ass

marvin jordan says:

i have problem of watchn thes video can someone tell me where to buy mapouka

aworanaija says:

hey i used to have this video back in the day! anyone know where i can still get a copy?

Esiakpor says:

I like this video

Ro Ho says:

Very sensual and sexy.

bundakissa says:

the original 1 hr video has these girls doing this 100% naked…with bottles as props

tornmask1 says:

weepa! x0]

Badchick1252 says:

those are men dancing ;o 

Hristos Gemitzis says:

that is sexy.

mansouri3333 says:

very nice

oyono04 says:

tu bande koi la didonc tchuiiiiiip

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