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Low Class Latino Hispanic Stereotypical Jobs

Jobs mentioned in the video:
Dancer, Construction Worker, Factory Worker, Taxi Driver, Pedi Cab Driver, Mover, Maid, Dishwasher, Shoe Cleaner, Delivery Man, Laundry Attendant.

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Free Stock Footage ES: Construction workers pump concrete into a block wall.
Free Stock Footage ES: Workers shovel sand outside a new home on a construction site.
Free Stock Footage ES: Border patrol agents lead two men away in handcuffs.
ree Stock Footage MS: A Pedi-cab with passengers rolls by in Central Park.
Free Stock Footage TS: Cooks making up pizzas at a pizzeria in Italy.
Free Stock Footage ES: Sparks fly from a sanding wheel as a worker puts the finishing touches on a new snowboard.

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Portrait of a Latin business woman
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