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Idit3 says:

great lesson- thanks a lot!

LuLu6214 says:

It seems like it would be best to do it flat footed because then it requires you to engage your abdominals more and sets you up to be able to transition to stomach undulation. I’m predominantly a tribal dance but started in Egyptian and have never seen it done on the toes. It may help with balance eventually, and would be good to add to conditioning drills.

rainbowskittles30 says:

You are the best teacher ever!!! Thank you! Don’t stop making videos!!! I love how you break it down

Karen Gibson says:

I was told that Omi is spelled the same for both styles but pronounced differently…
Oh-mee (belly) vs. Ou-mee (hula) like “you” without the y

Tatsuyoujo says:

This video is VERY helpful! You’re a great teacher, because you explain things in details and tell people it’s ok to do certain things so we don’t have the “you’re doing it wrong” stigma. Many thanks, for posting these!

Jahniah Omi says:

My name is Omi and I do this move all the time and never knew it was called the Omi 🙂
learned something new thanks your awesome!! 🙂

litlhafgost says:

I’ve never seen this done so high on the toes… You seem to be losing your balance and moving your upper body when it should be isolated (unless you are purposely adding an upper body movement at the same time?). Try not to favor one side. You seem to speed up when you get to the left rather than keeping it even all around. Also, in the middle east, dancers generally keep the bigger movement in the front, avoiding “duck butt” with the butt sticking way out. Anyway your abs look great! =)

kmjusttalk says:

This one I find to b easy and it makes ur abbs look really good:)

Caroline Maria Christie says:

u really rock tiazza!!

prettycool997 says:

@forshizzlemywizzle Yes I know because I do it but I thinks about the only move we should do that’s similar to hula

forshizzlemywizzle says:

It’s used in both.

prettycool997 says:

omi is a hula move 🙁 not belly dance

navelfan says:

You are an outstanding instructor!

EnoughAlready51 says:

The “zipping pants” reference is sooooooooo helpful! Thanks! I love your instruction!  :O)

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