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Learn to belly dance: how to do an upper body undulation for more technique videos, visit the Bellydance video blog


avvionej says:


Jeff Conde says:

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indra sirish says:

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890luckycharms says:

That is not an undulation. That is the old ‘camel walk’. The undulation doesn’t involve rocking the whole body or change weight in the feet. An undulation involves and is led by abdominal muscles.

Rea Perihan says:

Dear Tiazza! I like your videos and I learn a lot, even if I´m dancing since 6 years by now! But there are two thinks: Please dont talk so much, less is offen more! And please show the figure/ the moves you are explaning directly at the beginning of your lesson! I´m from Germany and we have other names for the figures/ the moves. So, at the beginning of a video, I often dont know, what you mean with “Lebanese drop” etc.!
I wish you health, luck and suxccess!

MsCuteBuzz says:

She is half arab:D
Usually helps if your arab:p
imnot saying you cant do it but yh

alcyonae says:

Yeah, but you’ve got to show how you’re capable of doing that, most people don’t have the time to go through your past videos. We’re just offering suggestions for the future so you can appeal to more people. I find it very immature how you’re deleting all of the neutral and negative comments. Just change your comment settings to “pending for approval” if you want to be like that.

5698rlnd says:

Your title says “undulation”, but you keep saying “andulation”……..which is it?

shobha ravindra says:


rahmyah10 says:

your the best how did you learn though

brenda romero says:

well, iwanna learn how to move your hips like shakira haha lmao ! cx

Kacie Mason says:

you are a very amazing teacher!you explain things very well and you dont leave anything out and your very talented!thank you so much for posting these videos!they have helped me SO MUUUCH!!!

alcyonae says:

It might be nice to give a preview of the full dance move at the beginning.

Amy Bryian says:

thank you! 🙂 it is easy to learn plus you seem to be a good instructer!

wwwjdhdd says:

ويع من جد

lynna kelly says:

thank you so much

ashleyguffey81 says:

Are you hawiian?. 🙂

Jenny Suarez says:

You are a great instructor. This is what I am looking for… Thank you so much!!!!

DiamondRubyJewel says:


95swaqMONSTER says:

Is a damn TUTORIAL she’s suppose to talk alot u damn in breed retard. Btw I really really love ur videos -3 -3

loopper9 says:

Man this is really hard to do

jus271 says:

well done! easy to understand n learn. thanks!

mickie825 says:

*spine snaps* @[email protected]

Sulanaya says:

Awwww! You’ve got a sweet sixpack! 🙂

bekah bennett says:

i love how you explain everything so well! thank you and i subscribed! thank you so much for these videos!

leslier24 says:

Excellent break down and step-by-step instruction on how to do an upper body undulation. It helps to see what not to do in contrast on what you want to do. You can see all your muscles are engaged,and I hope with practice I can do the same. Thank you!! 🙂

xSweet Devill says:

How the fk Did I End up here by Watching Cute little Cows? =L

Nytia Neville says:

God your perfffff

davematherly says:

and you’re a sexy little lady too!

Gretchen Ritter says:

I love your hair!
I want so bad to learn belly dance, but i am very bad with coordination, but practice makes perfect, so i’ll be practicing allot, lol

Fatate ElChami says:

For real ?

Cadar Marius says:

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LindaNEdgar14 says:

Y0U t4lk t00 MUCh ..

TheR1natasha says:

Your the best teacher. Thank you.

fatma3238 says:

Thank you very much. You are such a great teacher.This is going to be part of my routine exercise.

kdfeify says:

Bored ushhh

Venezia Marianni says:


TheYazmanian says:

ok i think i just effed my back up… am i supposed to warm up first??? lol

Naessly says:

I don’t get why people are bored. They will never get anywhere if they try to do it one shot. I think it’s great that you do it step by step. I actually watch the entire videos first, then I try to do it step by step with you.
Luckily for me, I naturally know this movement xD But For the other videos, I find them incredibly helpful. Thank you for your videos!

PS: you are gorgeous!

tiazzawilson says:

Spain :)

heiyin70 says:

where did your pants? they are sooo cute 😀

Marie Joy Bebura says: soooooooooooooo bored watching this video….i feel like i wanna sleep..lmao..

snails9are9flying says:

watched, and tried looked awesome, did alone in the mirror i look like im convulsing

Rhiannon Davies says:

thank you for your video it helped me allot  xxx

star1wars11 says:

hi can you put the link to body roll video its kind of hard to find:o

BooBoo Bear says:

How did I get here….

prettyangelgirl411 says:


tiazzawilson says:

there is already a video on how to do the roll. search on the channel 🙂

prettyangelgirl411 says:

Do you think you can make a video on how to belly roll ive looked at many how to videos but i still dont get it would it concern your weight?

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