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Close Hope you are enjoying our dance video lessons. This dance lesson will basically cover some simple dance moves that are basic…


Praveen K Singh says:

gud one

HowToDanceForMen says:

Some funky moves, not bad at all.

feribz says:

the 4 and the 8 are silent because they are the pauses between the next move you will do.

jotasoca says:

Melanie es tremenda musa! A bailar!

jubyvera662 says:

lol, not an intermidiate , i am in advance , nice video .

rodrigito1978 says:

Buenísimo.. arriba [email protected]

Louie14109 says:

Melanie I want to ride u 1-2-3, 5-6-7 times

danceparttyy says:

The girl is hot/cock teaser..

eversmilingbg says:

I have the song by Ismael Rivera but it doesn’t sound like this one. What version is this? The one in the video is different from what I have and I want exactly this version.

David Karapetyan says:

Ignore the haters. You two are doing a great job. Thank you for your videos–I have learned a lot from them.

ProSilent says:

Ismael Rivera - El Negro Bembon

stetindj says:

very goog teacher big up homre!

Chayin Taylor says:


mickeyminnie1213 says:

What’s the name of this song playing? Great video 🙂

Jesfir says:

can u write what song is that so i can check online ..pls Thnx for the lessons!

Bill Galarza says:

i made a choreography with someone with this move. can anyone tell me how it went? its on my page. thanks to whoever helps out

Arachelis Dominguez says:

creo q bailan muyy mal

beethbachmoz says:

thanks for the videos apersaud. what is the name of the song and singer/band?

010steveo says:

ahhh the increible malanie!!!please anthony bring her back.

quixotic0ne says:

are you saying that this is bad and we shouldn’t be following this?

Oliver Salas says:

cha cha cha que rica estas

Oliver Salas says:

cha cha cha  que rica estas

Srećko Olujić says:

Why, what’s wrong with it? 🙂

MsDivnic says:

I like it but , isnt it for beginners ?

mrdeadlydon says:

Maderchod video kahan hai..chutiya bana raha hai bhen k lode..

vangelis1978 says:

yes, all of us were dreadful at the beginning of our dancing story.

raaangelraa says:


Faris Mughrabi says:

difficult :p i will try it wd my girl or wd any girl 😉

ManiacalMaster says:

you fucked up at the end

itinkle says:

I just started watching some of your videos tonight? What do you mean you can’t believe you ever danced like this? Is this bad? Has your style changed? Did you get bad? lol

violinplayer101 says:

We learned this in my ballroom dance class!!

giordyelduro says:

@lupz93 ook gracias men ;)

lupz93 says:

yo creo que no dicen 4 y 8 porque esos son una pausa cuando estas bailando

giordyelduro says:

1…2…3.. 5..6..7.. medio raro pero thks mi bro me ayudo mucho!

Víctor Cabezon Gil says:

Ismael Rivera con “el Negro bembón”. Un fenómeno

Angelo Mascarenhas says:

Anthony u were one of the first guys on youtube to teach salsa. i remember watching your videos. u have done a great job.

ELQUITO12 says:

dude your videos are awesome. thank you!

malindaharshana says:

Real benaughty brides are there ****

joedange2007 says:

dude, if i ever get even close to this i’ll be sorted haha

Nydia Guadalupe says:

Nice video. Enjoyed it very much. I like that song by Cortijo y su combo. Bring back a lot of memories. it reminds me of my hometown in Puerto Rico, when I was young and we used to dance that music is school parties.

Nydia Guadalupe says:

Nice video. Enjoyed it very much. I like that song by Cortijo y su combo. Bring back a lot of memories.

Nydia Guadalupe says:

Nice video. Enjoyed it very much.

RomanLowry says:

we do translation and you can select Latino women ****

helikanimukty says:

Most excellent benaughty lady “”

哲銘 許 says:

and now?

umayanarosy says:

best Asian women

Mambero75 says:

Don’t be so ignorant! There are AMAZING dancers that would make your jaw drop in NY and LA, and in Tokyo and Egypt even. Maybe of you looked further than your own nose and actually checked them out you’d be surprised. Yep Colombia has amazing dancer but so does the rest of the World. Check out “Oliver PIneda” or “Milton Cobo” videos and you’ll see what I mean.

Mambero75 says:

hey take it easy – that was years ago – Anthony is a fantastic dancer these days – excellent technique and styling. We all improve over time!

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