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jec1138yt says:

But they can touch you without restraint.  The combination of the two is what makes a good lap dance

AmaLovesWow says:

But in a stripclub you arent allowed to touch the dancers.

AmaLovesWow says:

Thing is, women should feel comfortable with their bodies. If you are comfortable with your body, then your bf or husband will see that and get more turned on by you. No one should change their appearence if their is nothing wrong with them.

lmfaomakayla says:

I’m all for being a hot dancer. But if you’re going to wear shit that shows your stomach like that, at least fucking take pride in what you’re showing off and work out once in awhile. Js.

latia2468 says:

hot fuckin mess!! smh stop it

sergiobarragan330 says:


angelinabyrd13 says:

There is a reason lap dances are called LAP dances. Meanwhile, the girl is basically squirming around on the floor.

taskpul says:

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miiinaaable says:

softporn biatch
didn’t learn how to lap dance

SRospieler says:

oh yes i love redheads and she got a natural body. thats sexy.

Diamonds169 says:

whats with the running commentary bitch just shut up!!! already!

Nysa86 says:

LOL at men/boys who expect to get turn on by a TUTORIAL video

Teri Drayton says:

bad chuck norris

Chuck Norris says:

Eww she is fat.
The end.

skeeterrabbit95 says:

yea she needa tap dance

famguy1n2n3n4 says:

ass so flat you betta tap dance

Maya Howell says:

I loved it thank you. Embrace your sexuality and have fun. . Xxx

Kasaundra McNorror says:

But still she sux balls in her face

Kasaundra McNorror says:

On 2:58 I wouldv’e felt so good on that chair

LittleMockingJay12 says:

She’s trying too hard. She walked up to her awkwardly. And she has a flat ass….ugh..shes embarrassing herself.

mrslias11 says:

this bitch can’t dance?!?! hahaha

Brittany Sabrina says:

No ass either

Brittany Sabrina says:

She ugly

Jasmin V. says:

Lmfao this is not a lap dance at all

krazyman12468 says:

She needs me in there.



sarai coutinho says:


vickysmileslove says:

This is lane

yourmomentofluck says:

> <

Safire Evans says:

ewwwwwww uhhhh i mean ermmm….poor girl shes just sitting therr D:

kelvyfajardo says:

I want my money back lol…

Dahoom Alomari says:

that’s evil 🙁

D.J. Laurinaitis says:

Cause’ we’re Americans, that’s why.

flasMob4fun says:

not catalogue body but sexy body ,,,lapdance sucks, she is not horney, to give a good lapdance you must be horney.

alexis glover says:

shes not fat O.o ya must not know what fat is shes thick && thats sexyy , i juss dont like the lap dance that much it was ok 🙂

yugobepu says:

Why you white american people have to butcher everything f…k

Chloe Hayward says:

May i just say all the people saying the dancer is fat need to get a fucking grip

Tyriq Harris says:

how u lap dance wit out an ass

Tata lala says:

no ass + beer/prego belly. no thanks. lol

isabel lopez says:

XD so true

Cecilia Bowie says:

the dancing girl is fat, the instructor is annoying, and the moves are completely unarousing. oh well, you tried.

Amiah S says:

The one Doing The Lap-Dance Has a Muffin-Top!!!! Haha:P

YTmes says:

Sooner or later, Every Knee Will Bow, Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Christ is Lord — JESUS CHRIST IS LORD — MARANATHA

rinared9 says:

Why didn’t the girl sitting down do the lap dance instead? If I was a guy and a got a lap dance from that fat bitch with the muffin top I’d get my money back.

urantiruslan says:

dude its an example

Michael Murchison says:

thumbs up if u like 4:40

maryjeanwatts says:

DF??? Wat kind of lap dance is this?

Josh Leisher says:

South african :)

Rescue162 says:

I go to a men’s club where the man can touch the woman all he wants during a lap dance. So to me this is a non-starter.

cflan112 says:

Fk this I’d get up and walk away if I ever got a dance like this ,, where they dance like this at Iraq? Lol

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