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Harlem Shake Bonus Reactions – Subscribe! New Vids on Sun & Thu: Watch All Reacts (Kids/Teens/Elders) http://b…


Ninjazuki1 says:

LOL 6:09

heroesheart says:

harlem is a city in new york? lol?

Octavia Kerns says:

HA HA “Y U NO DO THIS DANCE >:O” ha ha priceless

carrots1928 says:

yall r awesome

333sillymonkey says:

lol om god

quantumkilla1 says:


quantumkilla1 says:


SvenskaVideor says:

Hahaha 😀 That little kid saying What The Heck 1:30 😀

GreenSingerAGStudios says:

“I’m behind the plant.” HAHAHAHA!

OmaNomMatt says:

“my side is hurting” OMG I cried at this!

ejaabi says:

Lol girls and boys

tw4h says:

Lmao “what if this was real and they did this on the battle field”

Angela Martinez says:

00:22″some odd guy is .. Oop OKAY THEN” haha such funny kids

Chuck Norris says:

“oh m god”

Angela Martinez says:

00:25 haha little girl “WHAT ARE THEY DOING ” lol

kameronhicks3152 says:

0:55 lol :D

TheCeeperkiller3569 says:

lol the army one is the best

jadaram01 says:

I love it funny

lucas ho says:

Wow the girl is gping to pull my brains if i do one? Omfg!!!

zaid naser says:

the harlem shake is cool i dont know y they care for wat kids react to it

nosoyash says:


4diaztina says:

yes im not sick of harlem shake

Adam Affan says:


Alex Patt says:

this is funny my fav is the army one

lovevideos1231 says:

harlem shake is fun

Katy Sinclair says:

Do the harlem Shake 😀 I like it.

LilTrisMiss says:

“At least put some pants on, DOOD!” XD

Hysterically Challenged says:

‘I just don’t understand’, brilliant.

Voxle loss says:

O L god

KILLAF0RN1Ajr says:

the person with the horse mask is sp00n

David Edwards says:

Hahahahahah, “Is it over 9000”

Dacnomaniac says:

The 4 yr old was awesome….SO sceptical! the future is bright.

epi3124 says:

I love your videos

Diamond White says:


Harreet Sahota says:

“i thought these were business people”

george folers says:

1:19 then the other team(s) will faint from absolute awesomeness

HspanicGirlGamez says:

that is funny seeing the lil kids

Nacho Ciccone says:

“is it over 9000” HAHAHAHA

CJSexyAss says:

What the heck r those boys doing in tht blanky

taishaun pelley says:

“He has a Horsey Head”:D

Erica Macias says:

At least but some pants on dude( 0:36 )

isaac quiroz says:

XD oh I don’t no what harlem shake is lol

Elicia Gintz says:

its like the funniest video ever!!!!!!! it may even top gangnam style!

denisepope81 says:

Yall funny

bnmekj says:

Stupid Harlem shake no more please but funny

Missswag1022 says:

I am definately not over the Harlem shake

darkvampire2341 says:

I luv the harlem shake

Daniel Cabrera says:

Lol first girl: “some odd guy,oh,okay then.”
Second girl: “WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!.”

Miley Turner says:

Lol lmafo

So V says:

Don’t do it ever goodbye hehe

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