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Song: Asi Son Bongo by Chamaco Ramirez Jose Luis & Pamela Salsa dancing, Born to Salsa social, Canadian Club, Hallandale, FL…


k4rv1 says:

demasiados giros.

tommrod says:

no kiddin’

Carlos Manzano says:

Estos manes se mueren de hambre en colombia,quien les dijo que la salsa se baila asi,pero rso si son mmmmmmuy optimistas

pocho31 says:

I jsut took my first salsa class yesterday, came here to see what is coming and got scared!! I dont know if I can do this lol……well I will try XD

Xiao Teaspoon says:

The girl is amazing. 🙂 The guy is technically a good dancer, but but he handles her like a rag doll… is 3:31 really necessary? No girl wants to feel used like that after a dance… dance is about feeling connected!

Abby Mata says:

Too many turns and I’m not hating but she can’t move her hips. Salsa isn’t all about those fancy turns.

toffecrunch says:

Isn’t she dizzy from all the spinning?

Juan Salcedo says:

Este es otro nivel de salsa, pero eso en tres días se aprende! jajaja

majmambo says:

Very nice. He used to teach in san diego, if im correct.

Alina Kay says:

He handles her like a fucking mop

kaja7776 says:

!que buenos!

jlrodrim says:

Where is the Salsa dancing ? It looks like Tornado dance. 

seatech1 says:

Both are great, but la chica esta fabulosa!

torment3d says:

haha, agreed. I can’t help but smile when I dance with a gril that knows her stuff – have an absolute blast 😀

Mariano Almada says:

This guy does always the same things every time I randomly find a video of him. It’s like watching the same video over and over again, but with different girls. The girl is OK, but he needs to chill out and get some new moves. Relax, man, it is not a race.

07Ananias says:

hey me podrian decir quien canta esa cancion esta buena para practicar mi baile

Elisa DeVargas says:

Both are amazing dancers, but I have a tip for the guys based on Jose’s dancing in the video. SMILE!!!! And, look at your partner!!!! There’s nothing more annoying than dancing with a guy who’s too arrogant to look at his partner and show her that he’s having a good time.

torment3d says:

wow she is amazing.

skategangster says:

This fool is is stealing my moves 😉 funny how someone on the othe side of the country can have a similar style..

jonnyradars says:

this guy is gorgeous!

Carlos Manzano says:

la niña esta querida y baila rico,pero el abuelo con el que esta bailando entrenando para disfrasarse de trompo no esta en nada

oneznzeroz says:

What an ass!

GoGoFiasco says:


Erving Olivas says:

Esta fabuloso. I love it.

andres1963 says:

Wow… very nice danced.. I wish I could dance same :((

mochb nyc says:

this is fucking excellent!!! i want to learn!!!

jicruz says:

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen this girl in a couple of years…

MultiKinai says:

The girl is amazing, very sexy and talented, very nice style. Jcruz can you post more videos of her, or does she have any videos that I can possibly buy to learn lady style moves?

foxyroxyred1 says:

Awesome dancing

imesocool71096 says:

hell naa fukk dat dats not fukken salsa dats bullshit

MrRobsboo says:

Disappointed with a lot of these salsa video’s. Too much spinning dipping and tricks. Where’s the foot work?? Where’s the actual salsa???? Smh

gerardo islas says:

quisiera saber como se yama la cancion,,porfabor,,

lsalsa7 says:

Nice dance, but enough of the dipping..that went out of style 10 yrs ago..just dance

victor gabriel herrera says:

bonco quiere decir bongóooooó

Javier Chavez says:

this couple know how to improvise

coolseeker says:

He moves a lot but dances very little. Listen to the music bro and stop showing off for the camera.

SuperBarber2011 says:

Estubieron un poquito fuera de tiempo quizas por efectos del alcohol, pero estubieron geniales. Ohh este tipo de salsa se trata de mucho turn patter, eso es lo q hace que las chicas se vean sexy. arriiiiiiiiiiiiba la salsa.

20morenalinda says:

I agree the man is good…but the girl needs to move more! I think the guys give a thumb up cause she ain’t bad looking!

gerardo barajas says:

por que tantos giros?? sera que es por que las chavas no saben mover las caderas??

Rhesydentt says:

Muito bom!

Andrew Barrera says:

thats beautiful!!!!!

adonay diaz says:

estoy cansado de ver vueltas y no baile coño el tipo es aritmico y la tipa baila cosi fuese un concurso,hay q dejarse llebar y sentir la musica

Misty Rain says:

Don Dada!

p3g4s3 says:

Well i think you didn’t get the point of Salsa xD

facesgoingplaces8081 says:

This is mesmerising! 

macguy4321 says:

Defiantly going to try these moves. Sadly though, a lot of my partners couldn’t handle some of these moves.

fab57233 says:

Sounds like you had a blast! Que vive las Salsa!

jimmyd1123 says:

fun to watch but if you wanna see how it should be done check out marcus nieves!!

valfitness says:

no- he is taking control- the way salsa should be danced

ProudMommy80 says:

Wow!! que padre bailan

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