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Ivory Coast – Traditional Aesthetic Booty Dance – Mapouka Mania VII.


hatimjm1 says:

why do you think it wasn’t shot in Ivory coast? 

phebeharris says:

Very beautiful. That girl in the black dress has a big plump bodacious ass.

basic instint says:

somali culture has NIIIKO “ASS CLAPPING” DANCE


go to ivory coast if you want to enjoy yourself



malik quaye says:

cool hot xnxx

oliver69cork says:

Nothing beats the black womans booty-incredible in elegance and beauty

matthewjamal says:

all natural! no over use of make up! no butt or tit implants! just natural curves! man im moving to africa. lol

UniqueNei says:

African people are so beautiful.

Jose antonio de lima says:

acho que não tem danças mais bonita e sensuais que as tribais africanas. muito lindo!

McBad48 says:

what song name and artist is this?

kwaneeshah says:

africa is beautiful….

Sileni says:

No. This fails. Sorry…
There’s better that represents the dance style better than this.





oshiolene says:


Hoopermazing says:

Eat a dick, cocksucker. 

Karume Asangama says:

De beau derrieres, bons a chipoter

bobby kwanga says:

shut the fuck up.

Purplemuslimlina2010 says:

no bra a no no

Ro Ho says:


psycorekinesis says:

in some african regions and communities the dances are centred around the waist, like chakacha and mapouka thats in coastal kenya and west africa respectively.In some regions like somali its essentially clapping hands and stomping feet, in south africa its a kick in the air aggressively and shoulder shaking. So for those who dont know this mapouka dance is just but one of the numerous in the culture art and livity of africa. please dont be ignorant seek knowledge first before unleashing nonsense

azumanation says:

I will have to agree with that statement you just made. peace….

Hoopermazing says:

Here here! Black folks spend far too much time worrying about what CACs (cracka ass crackas) think about us. They are aliens. Fuck ’em.

kevin61569 says:

I LOVE BOTH OF THESE WOMEN,,,, You are both beautiful & sexy!!!!!!!

sitobikhan says:


Pearce Sammy says:

I do not think that you need to make this appeal here. Your aspiration has nothing to do with the dancing on this video clip. Why not try and create a forum on facebook or some other youtube clips with more American viewers. Unless I did not understand you clearly, being a horse don’t appeal to African people.

bonz01 says:

99% of you probably won’t even read this..but i just turned 18 and I am trying my best to become a horse. On the 29th of MAY I am traveling to thewide open fields of Nevada to hopefully learn from the best horses. Being a horse means a lot to me.

I,ve just started my training. I have just nailed horseshoes to my feet (really hurts) and shaved my haair into a horse mane. it would mean the world to me if you supported me and helped me complete my ambition

azumanation says:

I agree with you whole heartily I love black female sexuality. but I’m afraid the rest of the world may not see it your way. & as for what white women do it is none of my concern. because white men & women spent 4000yrs running around Europe naked so it is natural for them. I have been seeing & hearing clearly how white & non-black men view our women & believe me it is very negative.

Pearce Sammy says:

I see this dance as entertainment and nothing more. Shaking their ass will not make anyone consider African women as sex objects. Looking at the background of the video, it appears it was not shot in Ivory Coast. I live in England where white women dance with pants and bra alone. If you doubt it then watch strictly come dance or Britain got talent or x-factor. Infact check Madanna and Lady Gaga.

MedjayCommander says:


azumanation says:

cont’d….& that is as a EASY FUCK. then by all means be my guest. this is how the world view our women as sexual objects & nothing more. the internet is projecting black women of Africa & the diaspora as Jezebels that any white or non-black man can have sexually. is this the image you sisters of west Africa is proud to have??? as for Obama he have tricked you & the blacks of this planet & he & his white masters are going to reconquer Mother Africa. WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE….

azumanation says:

For one I was replying to the ignorant comments that lilwaynerule1 had enough audacity to make towards brother Majisty. but if you wish I will comment on the dances that the sisters of west Africa are doing nowadays. although the dances are very sexually they are no different than the sexual dances that are being done by black female hookers here in the United States. & if this image is what the women of Africa want the non-black men of the world to see them as

Pearce Sammy says:

I do not see the wisdow in this comment. What has Obama got to with this dance? You either enjoy the dance or leave it

adaman147 says:

you chumps are talkin politics with all this ass shaking? I swear y’all are gay!

azumanation says:

Yes I know the history of Africa’s independence from colonial rule. but in this day & time Africa have made it’s biggest mistake by allowing Obama to trick you all into accepting Africom which is a colonialist led army disguised as humanitarian intervention.

Naftali Indongo says:

@azumanation? We got it under control already coz the 1960s was the year for African liberation when 17 countries gain their Independence at the time. Today our 54 Nations r doing their very best to maintain peace and stability all over Mother Africa. Take it easy and look at `the Africa they never show you tv`, 2 see our progress and what els should we undertake? Germany and Mongolia were enemies to many Nations but today there is peace and reconciliation just like US made peace – Spain.

1voodoostick says:

wow!  I can hear my grandmother saying: Girl! Sit u hot ass down somewhere (in her creole voice) lol

azumanation says:

cond’t… Africa will be over ran by Europeans & Asians alike. all because the African man was too damn silly in the head to realize the caveman once was a ENEMY & HE WILL ALWAYS BE ENEMY….

azumanation says:

You fools in cote d’ivoire love your former masters just because your back stabbing ass president is married to a cave woman. so you silly Motherfuckers follow like SHEEPLE right back into the arms of your former colonizers (France) what a pitty. 1.) you allow your women to lay up have babies with your enemy & 2.) the African man sits back & kiss the European’s ass while the European steals Africa. very very sad indeed I will give Africa 40 more years & after that

azumanation says:

cont’d…LOL you sound like a hypocrite! at least I can say that the reason we blacks here in American my have European blood in us was because the caveman forced himself upon the black woman for 400yrs. but your weak asses in Africa allow your women to just give the pussy up with no fight….you are fools in cote d’ivoire thinking you can love your enemy who have colonized your DUMB ASSES for the last 300yrs. & now lol they are going to do it AGAIN!!!

azumanation says:

Lmbao You Africans don’t even get alone with each other. let alone you not liking African Americans because you Africans are too fucking Xenophobic! this is way Mother African will continue to be WEAK. blacks over hear in the states really can careless about ignorant “NIGGERS” like yourself. you made the idiotic clam that African Americans look mixed? but yet your women lay up & have mixed babies with white cavemen making a mixed population right in your continent

lilwaynerule1 says:

lool in africa we have tribal wars ther is no rule saying we have to like you guys lol.. becuz ur black lol dats a dumb excuse…

azumanation says:

cont’d…in the African diaspora! nobody had to tell me anything about my African people because I live,communicate with them everyday here in the states….

azumanation says:

Heard that line before. you are weak because you brothers of the continent of Mother Africa allow European men to sexually use & misuse your women which is a shame before the creator & the universe. white people have thrown you & the rest of us CRUMBS. FUCK THE WHITE PEOPLE THEY MEAN US NO GOOD WHATSOEVER! they love you huh? while they are loving you, they are recolonizing Africa as we correspond with each other. stop the disrespecting of your brothers & sisters

lilwaynerule1 says:

i dont kno who told you that lie but white pple fed us during the war they gave us food shelter so i dont kno were do you get that shit of a lie from…. some are bad some are good u ignorant sub human oh my gosh me and you have diiferent cultures different ethnic back ground if you dont allow your woman to sleep with white men thats fine but dont try to put ur stupid ignorant culture on us espese didiote!!!

lilwaynerule1 says:

loool ur dumb im done with you we africans dont gt along becuz of tribal ethnic back ground wat makes u think we have to get along with you cuz ur black dats dumb… most of yall have been mixed anywayz so ye watever and im sure African women arent into you either ..

azumanation says:

cont’d…open their mouths & say disrespectful bullshit about African Americans. some of them act very jealous of us because they want to dress, sing & rap like we do! HELL THE WHOLE WIDE WORLDS COPIES BLACK AMERICA. so be proud of who you are brother Majisty it’s a blessing to be AFRICAN AMERICAN!!!!

azumanation says:

cont’d…you should see how African men & women turn their noses up at us here in the states not having a clue that many of their sorry asses would not be here if it was not for the African Americans in the 60’s fighting for civil rights. I have met many Africans that were very civil & warm hearted towards African Americans. but I have met many that are hostile towards us to because they do not know us. some Africans need to look in the mirror before they

azumanation says:

Brother I came up on this video by accident. I don’t blame you for not being into black women from Africa! because many of them are MAMMIES & white men BED WENCHES…. what really disappoints me about my African brothers is that many of them are very weak for allowing European men & other non black men to run in & out of their women like a dirty sock. then they have the nerve to try to disrespect African Americans….? white people do not respect them at all.

MAJISTYorDIE360 says:

……actually I am not into african women beacuse of their ” Body Part Fantacies “…
I respect any Woman , Man , & CrossDressers ( like You ) : o

who is into Pro-Black Unity 🙂

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