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THE BEST LAMBADA IN PORTUGUESE AND HINDI Lambada is a dance from South America(BRASIL) for couples. The dance became internationally popular in the 1990s, especially in Latin America and Caribbean countries. It has adopted aspects of dances such as forró, salsa, merengue, maxixe and the carimbó. Lambada is generally danced with arched legs, with the steps being from side to side, turning or even swaying, and in its original form never front to back, with a pronounced movement of the hips. At the time when the dance became popular, short skirts for women were in fashion and men wore long trousers, and the dance has become associated with such clothing, especially for women wearing short skirts that swirl up when the woman spins around, typically revealing 90s-style thong underwear. Origins Carimbó dance From the time that Brazil was a Portuguese colony, Carimbó was a common dance in the northern part of the country. Carimbó was a loose and very sensual dance which involved many spins by the female dancer, who typically wore a rounded skirt. The music was mainly to the beat of drums made of trunks of wood, thinned by fire. Carimbó involved only side to side movements and many spins and hip movement, and became the basis of the Lambada. The word Lambada After a while, a local radio station from Belém (Pará’s capital city) started to call these new type of music “the strong-beated rhythm” and “the rhythms of Lambada” (lambada meaning “strong slap” or “hit” in Portuguese; cf


Glavni Kizami says:

ZEMLJA TRESE se tako je je kad mi podivljamo DT2001 VAljevo IDEMOOO

Kimi G-L says:

i damn hate the indian version, LIVE BRAZIL!!!!!!! 🙂

gainpower7 says:

indian garbage

Thierry Rexley says:

I tuff tumas…

Bill Smith says:

I love bars where 12 yo girls serve drinks in short skirts. See this video in a different way now?

Paul Roethler says:

Is this the song J hoe ripped off

jajah akita says:

acho que vou ser obrigada fazer um video dançando lambada viu! Esses gringos não sabem nada 😛 vou postar qq dia como resposta a esse aqui ahahahha

CHANORN1 says:

It makes me remember to the past 20 ys ago…


I am brazilian girl living in usa for short time, have to go back to brazil to be part of the opening ceremony for the world cup 2014. LAMBADA WILL BE PART OF MY PERFORMANCE AT BELO HORIZONTE. EU TE AMO BRAZIL.

rosathedesierto says:

Esta pareja son los mismos que el otro que parecía que iban a boxear, jajaja

Bibiana380 says:

Eu gosto muito da lambado é máis do Brasil.Beijinhos

mavicky7sotrzn says:

Bailando lambada

Mara Nunes says:

esse casal dançando é muito engraçado!!! para dançar lambada tem q ter o corpo bem flexivel e sensual, só saber os passos nao é suficiente é preciso o casal dançar como se fosse um só

krisnarony87 says:

like it

Alan Coudis says:


Alan Coudis says:

Love it

thai1990x says:

Very good

TheKbabble says:

@joselucero the original versions lambada by kaoma

eytiqat sintez says:


Michael Barron says:

Or any girl from that part of the country im from USA

Michael Barron says:

I would love to meet a Brazilian girl

jose lucero says:

where the original version of this song is from ? somebody tell me !

Sacro- Mega says:

that old men for the last part as something that came out e.e

zack pipi says:


guahould says:

Too bad the chick in the white dress dont know how to shake it …

Christiane Ruth says:

???????????? this two people are not indians in the second half !!!! hahaha very weard the two, hindi sounds good but the dancing couple is really heavy to see 🙂

strainey123 says:

A small Bolivian influence in the lyrics of the song only.

Antonio Pardinho says:


lokesh20000 says:

I didnt know there was/is a patent on dance moves??
btw, my previous comment has nothing to do with copying stuff from others..

danielav9 says:

lambada been in brazil since 72!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as far as i know,,since my sisters were around 10 yr old
in those times we called it PAU NAS COXAS dance,later became lambada.
played and danced in the PAGODAS around the north.northeast of brasil!! get it right!

danielav9 says:

yr indians copyed this south american dance!
accept it,already!

danielav9 says:

sempre foste assim ignorante?
ou tavas practicando bem quando dizeste que NADA VEM DO BRASIL?
entonce vem do que? do quintal de tua avo?

danielav9 says:

indian dont have this kind of instrument and musical that the brazilian has incorporated you are either ignorant of this truth or,are making up stories.

danielav9 says:

30? esssa dance vem dos anos 70s. e depois foi revivida nos anos 80s/90s/ nao foi?tambem chamada de pau nas coxas nos meados dos 70s

danielav9 says:

how come it is bolivian if…it is in portuguese and not spanish?
or is it a portuguese version u try to say?
all lambada comes from north/northeast brazil NOT bolivia..sorry

danielav9 says:

it is brazilian!!
and for once,the songs are IN PORTUGUESE
and the rest of latinamerica..speaks spanish.

darbet83 says:

it’s a Bolivian song mate !!

Luis Torres says:

love the acordion

shafeeg ali says:

this video suks, becos of fukin frames

alan kardec says:

brasil melhor em tudo na dança e na musica ! 🙂

Béla János Tóth says:

szép a képkeret! de csapnivaló a video!!

LatinoLifeBand says:

Wow! Very good!!!

heelrunner says:

You don’t say.

Jackeline Ponce says:

Sounds just like Jennifer Lopez “On The Floor” song. She must have copied this song

strainey123 says:

The music is bolivian, the dance is brazilian. But brazilian version is better.

Jose Samuel Brito says:

boã lambada isso a trinta anos atras.

alconcito prado says:

Mexico, chiapas…


Lambada; el baile prohidido


healworldlove says:

Hey been to your beautiful country. Love from India <3





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