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Sexy Hot Girls Dancing in Amnesia Night Club, San Rafael, Ibiza Island, Spain, Sant Rafel de Sa Creu, Eivissa, Espana, EU, Europe Techno – House – Trance – Rave – Disco Music DJ Tiesto – Take Me Away (Club Mix)


judicael randriampeno says:



i just jizzed on my pants

gus neri says:

yeah right you guys using youtube as your wank bank. i found this site a few weeks ago with real girls that are horny as hell check out this bit.ly13oXQNu

nrzka says:

damn not bad but you know this is youtube you can do much better. this is nothing if you want real life horny girls who will skype with you have a look at this bit.lyZqAJxr

SRospieler says:

oh amnesia

Thiago Rodrigues says:

ae tem bastante gostosas mas aqui no brasil tem mais

Juan Pablo Lozano says:

omg ibiza is full of ho*s!!ç!!!

DBOY315ify says:

I will be there this Summer without a doubt. 2013 !! IBIZA DREAMS!!

DeeJeey SaxX says:

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu fuck music

DJSpecialSauce says:


wthellable says:

kidnap me plsssssssssssssssss

Braća Dalton says:


Aleqsa Bochorishvili says:

0:57 MMMMM :D:D:D

Aleqsa Bochorishvili says:

its amazing ))

tywri39 says:

At 0:55 DAT ASS

J Morris says:


ciprian barabas says:

super fain acolo e de noi

tomnguyen717 says:

no one wants to see some douche grinding on a hot girl. I fine with just looking a the girls.

hassoona says:

been there fucking amazing spot .I LOVE IBIZA

coco6731 says:

pussy and weed…+ jack :X

adsasfd says:

Damn i feel like taking MD and join these chicks.

chantel ariann says:

CyrusLo – High (Original Mix)

69drin says:

Thanks God…. No Fat Chix Club…

Hollywood5453 says:

This is in Ibiza??? Off the coast of Spain yes????

Sqiwamjon says:

so much eye candy my eyes got cavities

Art Me says:

Or maybe they a lot of them got HIV and still clubbing as crazy!!

pajamaslammer says:

I want to paint you.

tonyrusso2001 says:

this song is a bit old, I wonder where these beauties are now? many of them probably have a baby in their arms at this very moment..

Ahmed Giulani says:

sooooo many hotties!!

HecklerUndKoch001 says:

mama, what did you do there?

katrinalol says:

…Where is the ass though?

prateekg1 says:

127 ppl are aliens

khanjee87 says:

so so

97oilersfan says:

126 people are gay

eazyone23 says:

Hard On Achieved 3=====D

عبدالله العراقي says:


eray iğneci says:

10 !!

garvald says:

Mute audio on this video and use this instead: richie hawtin space ibiza 12-7-2011 full set

Link: watch?v=ikj5iWAanh0

from 14:00 onwards – perfect music to this video

maninderpaul singh says:

nice mama meya

toly78 says:

Only 116 fatties disliked the video. Thanks chubby girls that you are not majority

RavishingAgony says:

Ahh that’s it!!!

Robbie Von Ripper says:

all that ass… up in one club.. Best Place on Earth

thebigkhaled says:

1:08 very funny cause it says no camera.

54sanek45 says:

fap fap fap fap fap fap pff я из россии ахаха

Danny Davenport says:

No, actually I muted the sound and played “From Within – by Headhunterz”. It took this video to a whole new level! XD

Nikola Trpin says:

Very hot girls and the best club in the world woooow

Tommy Gunn says:

god damn….

Gimpy12321 says:

Thanks =)

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