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Here is one of the first episodes of us teaching you how to dance salsa. Learn to dance salsa for free with our free salsa dance video lessons. Salsa dancing…


gmansaveearth says:

This video is misleading and NOT for BEGINNERS at all!!!!!!!

kade010 says:


Fahad Alashban says:

Beginners my ass

carolita252 says:

im latin, from costa rica… number 4 and 8 are just for make a little sexy hips move!!! to add some sugar to the salsa!!! sorry for my english

carolita252 says:

Im from costa rica and in my country this is really basic!!!! the secret is dont try to learn the steps like a recipe, learn one by one and feel the music,

cindy aristiana says:

I’ve been doin salsa for almost a year and………..this isnt for beginner geez…. this is hard-.-

dancebrat99 says:


pepetv1000 says:


Michael fayad says:

Number 4 and 8 are counted only as a pause. If you didn’t have the pause, you would be off beat with the music

H4xor36 says:

i think number 4 and 8 is not counted in salsa for some reason

James Polo Mendez says:

this aint for beginners u kidding me

ottawaviralparties says:

what the fuck do you have against the number 4?!!

LeikaLaghos says:

She sucks

mariomaxoxo says:

maybe there is another part before this

Jesus Rodriguez says:

awesome but im way too new for this

TomBrooklyn says:

Not For Beginners.
Therefore, thumbs down.

bolivianitosoy says:

silver WTF

elsaluvsyah01 says:

Uhm can yall break it down a little more…lol

Kamíilo Polaniia says:

Woow OMG I’m Not Expert In This Dance But It So Hard To Dance, You Need Teach To Dance For People That No Know Dance Nothing,,,,This Is Like Level Intermediate Or Advanced

Chocolatelady16 says:

what does salsa for pros look like? O.O

sdsmith2009FL says:

This is not for beginners…

juan carlos vilchez perez says:

I am Peruvian .. I do not like this video  .. and that the girl lacks the Latin flavor and flirtatious .. that is essential in any type of Latin dance .. I disagree with this video……. APESTAAAAA AGGGG

sebeltran says:

if this is the begginers level . . . i don’t want to know which is the expert

Arturo Alejandro Pizano Samur says:

It is not for begginers. I am 32 and been dancing salsa since I was 2!! that is not the salsa you want to learn and this is not the way people dance salsa in Latin America when they go on a night out. They are trying to teach salsa to dance it in a theatre. Start with the basics! and teach people how to move their hips and feel the rythm. I hate when I go to place to dance and it’s crowded and there is a pretentious couple that wants to get all the dance floor for them with this kind of perform

Gaddy217 says:

nice butt. i think that dude is “hittin” that

SuperAlejito5 says:


Mike Mann says:

The young lady has a fantastic bottom.

candy Symonds says:

init der shit teachers and dancers!

autobodyguy16 says:

Hey, cool move, but if it is titled for beginners I expected it to be a little slower.. I’m a big Lindy Hopper and I would consider this more of an intermediate move…

Tomatelasrabeta says:

No es para principiantes…

lovelytalent315 says:

nice vedio but bad sound quilty and bignners need realy simple steps and step by step u have to teach them nicely and step but step and plzzz can u make a vedio about the leg movement that is the base of salsa thank u

hnwaffle22 says:


aryana1987 says:

Hey Anthony, can you make a video with this advanced timing technique. I like how you’re dancing on1, on2, and on3 all at the same time! I always wanted to learn this.

phantom6983 says:

this video has the song llego la banda i believe from spanish harlem but i’m not sure but i know its llego la banda

ashumz31 says:

Good Job on showing off.  You didn’t teach shit for beginners! Thanx?!

dushansumeda says:

Think about your marriage and get a trusted women

sehat12 says:

well im still a student pilot in the netherlands. Im not a instructor yet, and wont be one in the near future i think.

you should also do a hiphop course if you’re not that glamorous and romantic, its funny to do a popping or locking move during salsa! 😀


cool A DancerCFI, I teach in New Jersey and winters in Puerto Rico. Where do you fly from, comrade?

helikanimukty says:

Most excellent benaughty lady “”

kostasmarios1972 says:

simple but very nice! thanks!

bahiadebrazil says:

Do you know the newest from Brazil – Salvador da Bahia?

Check out: !!–> Paloma Gomes – Cahta Bahia <--!! Best Samba I know!

Mambero75 says:

Silver Level is a ballroom/cuban grading system for salsa, and is not used in linear LA/NY styles. Also the moves and styling is quite different in linear salsa.

kayla26762 says:

thousands of real profiles real Russian women

José Manuel Pérez Herrera says:

is it salsa on1?

tialicious13 says:

amm beginners?!:O LOL:D but it looks sooo good though!;)


For two decades I was a Bush Pilot and Airline Pilot in Puerto Rico, then USA. Then a Flight Instructor, then an Instructor of Instructors. Dancing teacher says I’m Silver Level. Somehow I find Ballroom Salsa Dancing harder to do than Airplane Aerobatics I teach too. I really admire these Salsa Instructors. I think its harder to do than Flight instruction. Thanks apersaud.

sehat12 says:

you’re a flight instructor and a salsa dancer? wow dude me too:D

sehat12 says:

you’re a flight instructor and a salsa dancer:D? wow dude me too:D

rosemay leconte says:

Your comment was exactly what I was thinking as I finished watching the clip … this is not beginer’s salsa( and I how to dance it) I caugth your comment & CRACKED UP!

Chevin Wood says:

what is that? I did not know Cantinflas had a son…

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