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How to salsa dance video episode 89 provides you with a simple intermediate move that combines a windmill flare with other basic combinations. We call it the Copa Check Bounce salsa dance move. The song used in this video is provided by German Silva and it is called ‘Unchained Melody’, you can find it here on iTunes


lauryn milne says:

u forgot the number 4? its 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

flauschkatz says:

You are a Flamma-Nuisance splattering your advertisement all over YT. Nothing free on your site.

n8oog says:

Don’t bother, it’s fine. All On2 dancers should be experienced enough to change the timing. If you have troubles, it’s easy 1 becomes 6 and 5 becomes 2, voila.

Carlos Jair Rodriguez Silva says:

que mejor aprender de un salsero puerto riqueño no creen porque los americanos que?¡

shustypl says:

We dance on2. Dance on2 is a circus.

salsalot says:

MassachusettsTry turning off the sound and see it as if it is on one. Ted from

Marc Tardif says:

I’m dancing on 1 and understand every moves you teach on 2. Those that can’t learn these other than on 1 timing perhaps respecfully need a little more practice.

Liyibeth Mendoza says:

hola! mm…me encantan tus videos pero voy poco con el ingles, si seme dificulta un poco ..pero eso no quita el grandioso profe que eres !!

emigr8 says:

Fair enough, my apologies.

apersaud says:

I understand. However, the issue is whether we publish more moves per recording session (including spanish versions) or record fewer moves with both timings given we only have limited time in the dance studio that we rent. It’s a dichotomy. It may sound as simple as to say ‘oh just count it at the end on1 shouldn’t take more than a few seconds’ – but never turns out that way due to other filming/sound factors.

emigr8 says:

Understand that many ON 1 dancers get bored on the style and change the timing to ON 2 after a period of time. But as a teacher you should be doing the pattern with both timings, especially when you are watched internationaly. That’s why I love super mario’s lesson. Every single turn pattern he shows to students are done on both timings. Very nice combination btw and I still love you people 🙂

Ivelin Ivanov says:

Awesome move, but why not do it on1? :(((
I want on1 explanation like all other guys below.
We dance on1 here.

ltigre2031 says:

yeah would be nice on 1

Aztecabrn says:

why you stop doing lesson on 1??!!

AOGntz says:

This nice lesson is on 2

Laura Nuñez says:

ohh salsa is so cool

Ryurockswu2u says:

Anthony u really are a great teacher. By only watching your vids I’ve learned so much. Of course, going to a actual dance class would be better but your video lessons are great for people who don’t have the time or money to go to a class. Keep up the great work.

Gabriel Alejandro Garcia says:

This is on2 or on1 ?

giovanni marroquin says:

Love all ur videos!! excelent teachers been watching for 3 years now and u never dissapoint Anthony and Jocelyn! U guys are some of the best salsa dancers and teachers I have ever seen. Please Know that we appreciate your work and thank you for posting regularly 🙂

thenmh says:

lady styling moves

apersaud says:

It should be available on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

videoray4U says:

its not on my fone app

CyberDame says:

could you please tell me what are those movements she’s doing with her left arm. I’m old school and I learned everything in the old school and I don’t recall doing that. It’s this something new? Thanks in advance.

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