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5698rlnd says:

Go study English grammar and spelling. My corporation would NEVER hire someone like you.

adn801 says:

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Shredward O'Neill says:


shannon conlon says:

Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo Dat

BellyGirl44 says:

look at my thin body on my channel

Safira Aryantiputri says:

It’s a litlle hard…

TheWhimsicalFuzzwald says:

“Privacy, so you’ll feel comfortable letting go”…shes outdoors with a man playing music for her…xD

emer scogg says:

M.I.A – bad girls

achoda khan says:

If you desire to burn fat, you should google Fat Blast Factor. That might help you get the body you deserve.

Tatsuyoujo says:

RE: the the video fact: At first, but when color tv came in the rules changed, and you could see her belly button RIGHT before she stopped wearing the outfit and became the Major’s wife.

gizem524 says:

everybody should check out turkish belly dancers. They are awesome:)

laymzizkrazy101 says:

uhm doesnt look like shes got privacy :/

singinginthecave says:

but i was watching a different belly dance video before hers

Sara Sulejmani says:

i hate shakira … pique is mine :D

cass jonah says:

@ELeeHamm true

XxDr3amW3averxX says:

Seriously people… Just because somebody is white doesn’t mean they can’t learn to belly dance. And yes, belly dancing is an art. Doesn’t mean people can’t try to learn it. Isn’t the point of art to enjoy what you do and spread the love for it and creativity… So what if somebody doesn’t do it exactly right or makes it their own style.. THAT’S THE POINT OF ART!

michaelchildsomg says:

I want her body TT___TT

Em Possible says:

The best music to dance to is Egyptian party music. Like this one /watch?v=ebQ69jrrxk4, trust me your hips are going to be shaking automatically while you’re listening to it! 😀

RoxxaneRoxxane says:

This is so bogus, i learned more than this by teaching myself.

Luvpugzandkisses says:

Ooops I meant to say douchebag

Luvpugzandkisses says:

Mislaadypink go fuck yourself u racist douchbag

RissyRoman says:

this sucks.

imodelyou says:

i love watching these vids, it looks tough and beautiful at the same time. i saw some vids like this one on the omegleplus website, and you can even download them there.

Amanda Fletcher says:

looks so awkward in this vid LOL

Taylor G says:

yeah it is…can u please subscribe to me and maybe i cans show u how to:)

Leucci11 says:

belly dance is EASY????

Elizabeth Theis says:

me too lol sometimes when I’m bored and have to stand somewhere i find myself swiveling lol

mslaadypink says:

Lmfao at all the off beat white folks trying this right now

MEMO M says:

hi all
there is another type of belly-dancing its about moving ur hair
check it out

Taylor G says:

i know how to belly dance its easy:)

نايف العطوي says:

u people should just stick to ur hip hop…belly dancw is an art..

pakoti96 says:

lol Does this look like this /watch?v=o5ribGMojPU? Don’t think so!

OMG12345678921 says:

me too.. the instruction is too easy… by just looking.. but itys so hard when i try it….lol

BellyDanceWithTalia says:

Hello howCast . Please check out the Belly Dance lessons on my channel. thank you

Destiny Yon says:

ya thts what i was looking foward too when i saw this video :/

Lucy Deacon says:

Good info for beginners I reckon 🙂 I have naturally loose hips and can do that lol

Melanie Hinds says:

it’s called a taxim first lift one hip and slide your hips in the same direction then drop that hip while raising the other hip and slide in the direction you are lifting

jlrivera67 says:

I did 🙂

sinobay says:

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lol thumbs up if you watched this after watching shakiras music video

Robert Plunk says:


LMmccallL57 says:

It’s called “snake hips”.

Anonomous0C says:

I’m a guy, Belly dancing just to say I can 😛 xD

Lucero2405 says:

Ops! i thought was her back, but anyways i will like to know the last movement at 3:08

Lucero2405 says:

Please can someone help me? How do you call the last movement that the lady is doing at the end of the video from her back? Thanks!

NEABEN says:

I learned something new today

taylor mcconnell says:


Kaitlin Rain says:

sizz actuallii helppz

kyzziistar says:

lol some of us are’t racist and hate the nationality the same as most others 🙂 but notice I say some… not most… most are assholes from the pits of hell it seems

loshyfeelsweird says:

@hotkulboi77 fuck Americans or whatever the hell your nationality is you fucking lifeless arsehole

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