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Learn how to do a full belly dance, complete with all the moves from our instructional series, in this free video dance lesson. Expert: Naimah Contact: www.n…


dimond saad says:

I’m 11 and I know to belly dance and it feels weird-.o

dimond saad says:

I’m 11 and I know how to belly dance and it feels weird -.o my body is like a worm

jdblal says:

are you a robot or what? -_-

Michelle Escobar says:

long arms

WeedPeaceSerenity says:

Watch her other vids & she teaches you Each move step by step mutherfuckers

WeedPeaceSerenity says:

I really like her teaching style, actually. So what she is skinny? That fact that she is skinny just makes it a lot harder for her to do the steps & yeah it would be good if she showed the feet but a lot of ppl on here dont & i dont see them gettin ripped on. Y’all r just hatin….prolly cas your hips dont move like hers.
i like her vids over most of the other ones online, & thank her for putting in HER time for ME to learn. If you dont like it, dont watch it. Pretty fuckin simple ehh

erika nova says:

u suck at teaching

shanroot06 says:

Do you know where better videos are online? You make an excellent point and I’m looking into learning right now.

frizzobelatgmailcom says:

Such enthusiasm!

miasiakw says:

DAMN ! her arms are mad long. she can drive from the backseat!

Luis Espinoza says:

Its all Good

luvmonkey25 says:

Ugliest man spider I’ve ever seen haha:D

xxmakeuploverxxisa says:

she is not a great dancer, just look at her arms, my teacher would kill her if she sees this video lol not saying my teacher is a murderer but saying that this is no way near “teaching”

BerryPiinkk says:


XxXdragurlifeXxX says:

fucking long arms

koldusopera says:

what long arms!

FOBROCK13 says:

The people in the expert village videos always look so awkward

john doe says:

i want your belly button in my mouth

greanfreek says:

… Belly dancing is supposed to be sexy and sultry… this is the worst belly dancing video I have ever seen. A lot of belly dancing moves actually require certain leg and foot movement, as well, which is not shown in these videos. I agree… awful.

jelenamiokovic says:

first belly dancer with six pack, that’s progress 😀

dhawan167 says:

why all the belly dancing videos r fast, please show how to do any thing in belly dancing very verrry slooooow. thanks

UrMomOnMyFace says:

man? he? him? guy?

Samantha Levi says:

can u make tutorial because i am trying to copy wat u r doing but badly failing

DarkLaceDragon11 says:

wow your fantastic!!! What a rich and interesting culture!!! but awwww mama can’t do that XD u go girl!!!

bridgette heather says:

true lols

sarahmcloughlin5091 says:

Damn her arms are longer than her legs I mean seriously I watched this and I still don’t know how to do it because I stared at her arms the whole time

misstique08 says:

she does that good

edukee says:

can you provide button sequences for the “Combo Moves”?

SuperRachel22 says:

creepy arms

Marina Lal says:

Her snake arms are freaky as hell

kokowawa914 says:

her arms Freaked me out !!!

allegoricalblonde says:

she rocks!

Lola ThePerson says:

Im a girl and perfectly straight but imagine having sex with her…..? Awkward much?

littlegraycat says:

Great! It’s so nice to see the individual moves put together in new ways. Very helpful.

funkycoldmadeeena says:

shes not even teaching us shes just dancing 🙂

Andrea Bates says:

Just what I’ve been looking for. Easy step by step lessons. To the point and not a lot of talk. You have great hip movement. I can’t wait to get started!!!!

geneanboynton says:

This is a bad video becasue belly dancing is not just about the belly. It is also tied into the feet. This video never shows the dancers feet which is a big part of the steps that she is making. Thumbs down for this being a beginner’s video.

lindspers says:

snake arms really freak me out…..

jenny09396465745 says:

magandang matutunann yung  sayaw nato

nancy77 says:

geeeezzzz,, how do you do this???

lauradugmore25 says:

omg! she can do the belly roll :O! ive been trying to do that for timee :(

tealeh2 says:

this is not a HOWTO…This is What I do….

x0chrystinax0 says:

instead of just narrating yourself, why not actully say what you’re doing?

letmelaugh says:

Glad it helped. 🙂 I am also not very talented but very observant, to the point where I can copy exactly the movement (technique) but keep a light touch of myself (emotion).

great4tune says:

That’s the best explanation I’ve read so far about belly dancing technique. I’ve got tight hip flexors so these movements just don’t come naturally to me.

xxCookieMonsturxx says:

this video made me realize how much rhythm i DONT have . -____- loll

shrachel21 says:

takes a lot of practice, but is very fun once it clicks to you finally. My sister & I learned from youtube/ dvds.

letmelaugh says:

You need to train your muscles so that it goes into your muscle memory, you separately learn how to loosen your body so that it gains that free-flowing aspect, not everyone has the talent, so technique helps you improve, while the loosening helps you better express your emotions. So they’re two different things and they are supposed to be taught separately.

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