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Hip lifts and hip drops in belly dancing are based on isolating the hip from the rest of the body before combining it with other movements. Practice hip isol…


pipperlue says:

is it just me or is a ridiculous amount of the video NOT focused on her actual belly and legs? most of it was her freaking face and the back of her head. hard to learn belly dancing that way

arspaulina says:

Yeah, you add on more weight (muscle mass) as you dance because of what it does to your core muscles. It’s all about how strong your stomach is, people.

arspaulina says:

Dude, it doesn’t matter what your figure is; it’s all about your stomach muscles.

arspaulina says:

Oh, please. Your figure doesn’t matter in belly dance; what matters is how strong your stomach muscles are. When you do these movements and isolations, it focuses on your core muscles. Don’t listen to any of these commentators. I’ve been belly dancing for a year and I’m neither curvy nor obese. There’s plenty of women of various figures who can dance regardless of how their figure is. And if there’s any so-called dancers saying otherwise, then they probably suck.

Zevran Cornelious says:

You shouldn’t be skinny to do this. You also shouldn’t be obese. you should be curvy. Also I don’t know who’s doing the filming but ffs, we don’t need to see her FACE.

Omar Fallaha says:


Aryan Khan says:

haha, that explains it! 😀

Catherine C says:

Hes arabic 😛 haha

Fyreflaii says:

Augh I’m too awkward

Aryan Khan says:

lol, now, that’s nt weird at all

Catherine C says:

my boyfriend can belly dance 🙁

Venous Tavalaian says:

Hi i live in houston, how can i take lessons with you?!

Khair Udin says:

maybe she wanted her face to be shown… her business.

III12LOVE23U34 says:

thx i learned a lot

ProfessorWeasley says:

Egyptian <3

Iris Sanchez says:

Staring at her body don’t help

Daisy - Lee Docherty says:

the woman in the back wants to kill her for sure

anniebewh12 says:

I. Wish. You. Were. My. Teacher. I’m. 12

SHINeekooki3 says:

make some moreeeee

John Holmes says:

This is a great piece of female art…

Jennifer Adams Franklin says:

I agree with wigglemonkies. She’s doing a great job. However, the dance looks sooo much better or curvy females. They make it look a bit flawless and etheral. However, all should enjoy it!

Elizabeth Rios says:

Love the digerido element, wish I could see your whole body more, Great , once again

Sara Elizabeth says:

It doesn’t look as fluid when I do it. Could my lack of curves be contributing to this?

minifjurt123boy says:


TheProphet6661 says:

Wow, that wasnt very explanatory at all.

trishaalovee says:

This is kinda hard!!!!!


I’m learning belly dance at my college and I agree. It’s not a dance form where a certain weight is required. I’m only 125 (on average) but my teacher (who is beautiful and amazing) has a good amount more weight than I do. It doesn’t matter at all. In fact it enhances the final product. Being skinny or curvy shouldn’t be a requirement for anything, but they, that’s society for ya.

hypnodance says:

Really? I heard it made you lose weight.

heyfkldsm says:

There’s even belly dancers that aren’t even skinny or thin. It’s a dance for women of all sizes. It’s a dance for women to show their sexiness and curves and be happy with them.

TheZgodnaKrava says:

I dont know who freakin hold the camera, but it’s really stupid to show us her face, while she’s explaining how to move the hips. Next time, another camera man, pls!!

emichelle19 says:

if you look up Mahafsoun, she’s a beautiful belly dancer, and she’s got some curves.

Bels carpeDiem says:

she is so beautiful and i like the way she explains everything
very simpel and i don’t know why but i can’t help myself standing still
really have to dance while wathcing her dancing :D:D

marilu1213 says:

Yes, she’s pretty, but please focus on the stomach. Geez!

Whitney Simpson says:

dear camera man: yes, she has nice tits. But I need to see her stomach. Thank you

ForbiddenFruitLiveTV says:


Blu Sugar says:

1:15 you can tell the musician wants to belly dance as well xD

misssarasinger says:

your name is SAHIRA and my name is SARAHI lol

generose arayani says:

Wow!!!!its really hard….

ItzelBabee says:

Thanks I’m going to so you think you can dance


its like tropical island dancing! 😀

titalokz says:

You forgot to focus on her leg and feet movements…DUH!

limegreengirl16 says:

don’t get me wrong she is a wonderful and beautiful belly dancer I only wish I could see her belly dancing like when she was showing you how to switch and combine more than her face because it showed more of that then her actual belly dancing

TheNayNay826 says:

now thtas a belly dancer. shes shaking her hips not her ass. shakira shakes her ass not her hips. she always concentrates on turning around to see her ass..shes great and beautiful dont get me wrong but this woman is a real pro

MorbidChaos says:

Great instructor but you would’ve been better off with a tripod to hold the camera STILL.

TheGlitterstar05 says:

the fat girl is just sitting there admiring her :c

MEMO M says:

there is another type of belly-dancing
its about moving ur HAIR….it will fascinate u
check it out

jwexcel says:

Excellent instructional video! As for the instructor, Sahira, beautiful & talented.

yasminhabibty says:

This was inadequately done in my opinion.

SnowflakeBlue1 says:

I wish I had something swishy on so I could tell if I’m doing it right.
Probably not.

stickmanjd says:

that drummer is so talented… my mind is blown…

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