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Tahaarka Huruuse 1 week ago. Dont get me wrong offcourse all nations got closetWhores and the innteligent Godfearing guided ones that respect themselves but from what i see majority of this Mapouka shit comes from lose mapouka girls that are now teaching lose east african girls that are outcast how to do this dance as them east african girls look up to Mapouka dancing girls as they prolly little jelous or else whyd they tryna dance so lose and bad at it aswell lol so all in all im Neautral as my girl is


YoungCeas says:

You can’t judge all Senegalese women by this video. My wife is Senegalese and all her friends, and to be honest. this is the FIRST time I’ve EVER seen Senegalese girls dance like this, showing their underwear etc. Sex is very taboo in Senegal and so this is a surprise to me. But like Tahaarka said, every country has it’s groups of people who do certain things so you can’t say all Senegalese girls or west African girls are like the ones in this video!

Tahaarka Huruuse says:

Don’t get me wrong offcourse all nations got closet-Whores and the innteligent God-fearing guided ones, that respect themselves…. but from what i see majority of this Mapouka shit comes from lose mapouka girls that are now teaching lose east african girls that are outcast how to do this dance, as them east african girls look up to Mapouka dancing girls, as they prolly little. jelous, or else whyd they tryna dance so lose and bad at it aswell lol, so all in all im Neautral as my girl is ivorian

Tahaarka Huruuse says:

i agree 100% this is to dirty and slaggish, and i am a darkskinend african of Pharaohnic decent admiting to the fact that this is dirty as hell….

Diana Negri says:

for me is this dirty Dance and i think god dont like this Sex that mens watch

kawsucamara38 says:


Amadou N'Gom says:

I agree partly with what you are saying. But you should really spend your time talking about how no country present on this Earth is populated fully with saints. When you talk about your East African women, you are talking about them in general. And anyone with a right conscience can note that not all of “your” women dance un-seductively. Your comment is partly hypocritical, because you are also setting a category for East African Women. But I get your point, that ignorant needed to be quiet…

Amadou N'Gom says:

Just to let you know, you should really search up other “Sabar” videos. This is almost never seen in videos anyway. Every country around the world has bad people in it, it’s the truth take it or leave it. But don’t start up stereo-types based on a few women.

ureallysuckglobes says:

And yet your video history is filled with black music…. another obsessed idiot.

The only whore here is you, smelly arab cunt. Go get your clit clipped off by your raghead brothers.

slimjeo4real says:

who cares where they come from?? is all about the female altitude that cannot be changed in these dayz… the thing is…i love the female butt and i always like to kiss them and lick it…..nice ladies.

al mab says:

on m’avait dit ça n’existait pas o sénégal !! tdr

Otabor Sunny says:

This video is funning & shows dat africa ve’great culture & people

adama keita says:

ne laisser pas l authencite au modernisme tres amusant

adama keita says:

ne laisser pas l authencite au modernisme tres amusant

mrcheickhamed says:

C’est vraiment pas cool

yugihoo1 says:

HAN c’est comme ça les sénégalaises sont!

niana2142 says:


pierre mendy says:


esperancebwassi says:

Ce n’est pas l’idée que je me faisais des femmes sénégalaises

maimaiday says:

Yena gnak diom aka bonn!!!

dinkjones13011 says:


zaer83 says:

ahh cone lou mouye woute sey favoris arretter svp

47marierose says:

cool video

arnaud agohi says:

c’est vilain a voire

41921900 says:


ku462 says:

thsi total discraz for all african

khamis peter says:

hey sory for my last reply.. since your from east Africa, ithought u can speak swahili..anyway “umeongea kweli mwana” means u have spoken nothing but the truth my friend

ugowoundo says:

anytime i’m bored i come here….with a bottle of beer….take a sit….HIT MY KEYBOARD….

Tahaarka Huruuse says:

maana umeongea kweli……  huhhh… and thats means What eaxactly?….. lol

khamis peter says:

i wish i knew u so i could buy u a beer or something..maana umeongea kweli

senegalensis says:

en tout cas c’est un véritable plaisir des yeux , je me suis vraiment régalé! ay tate yousaf té nékh! gni kou gnou diapsi kaw lale di nga faté say bor! je bande déjasansm’en rendre compte. djiguène sénégal amolén morom! tate mo nekh? kou magnémé wédi?

Johannesmbaye says:

I am not going to continue to discuss this issue with you, that would be pointless.
But I do have to ask, where did you get the idea that I think you might be uneducated? I don’t see how i personally attacked you. I simply stated FACTS I know, nothing else. I am not so quick to judge another person, especially not over a YouTube post.

Tahaarka Huruuse says:

hehehe such hypocrisy brio.. i mean come on bro, just because u see east africa including Somalia and kenya is filled with troubles and tribalism starvation famine and ect, u think or rather u assume that im uneducated right.. well for ur info i live in the western christian lands and i am educated i have friends of these christian tribes british whites and ect and they all knows Sudan Somalia and the Black-muslim parts are NOT like this for the most part, majority ways = FACT

Johannesmbaye says:

I must agree with you on ONE point, Africa is a continent. as for the rest, its mostly an aggressive way to point out differences, which is quite pathetic.


and one more important point, you said “only on privacy not like this,” well guess what, i’ve visited both west and east africa and one thing was visibly clear, the women in west africa dress conservatively while the women in central and east africa show MUCH MORE skin.

arabiansnake1 says:

wanna dance Mapouka!

naaradou123 says:

What the… This s not dancing man…!

arabiansnake1 says:

I love Mapouka! Wish I could dance like they do!

generalnae says:

the best africains dance . even booty dancing and it is very very good booty

alioune badara Souane says:

ay dom ram negn

Tahaarka Huruuse says:

dont talk about my region people and dance cultures, infact some of us east africans dance way crazier than this, but thats in private not infront of a damn restaurant where people see them go flip-mode as if they drank to much alcohol.. lol besides like i said we got booty dances way sexier and at the same time more honourable with dignity not over perverted sexual moves… that makes you look desperate, Check out my Channel’s videos about Somali folklore dance called Boondheere….

daoodaouda says:

C chooo

alan wenyon says:

@CushiticSomalianMale: we all know that in somaly women are not happy. When they opportunity to dance it’s with weapons

abou5etoiles says:

ya pas son deux

DynamicScherzo says:

I’m not envious, I’m simply saying that you don;t own human beings.

Tahaarka Huruuse says:

and the point im makeing is that since i am east african then YES east african women are MY women, my sistas, my future wifeys, you understand you little in denial ass Envious fool… besides i suggest ypou speak for urself and your own part-Neanderthal women you envious piece of jelous shyt…

DynamicScherzo says:

The point I’m making is they’re not “your” women.

Tahaarka Huruuse says:


we dont have ”our” (=east Afrikan) women so desperately showing of some nude moves on tv and video, only on privacy not like this, so dont generalize Africa. its a continent 7 times bigger than neanderthal Europe

DynamicScherzo says:

“our” women LOL

muglermagic says:

Mais pourkoi ces femmes ont des pagnes en filet en dessous???

imallwayzright says:

this is nothing, if u think this is somthing…look at what we do in New Orleans called bounce

type in New Orleans bounce

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