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Harlem Shake VS Gangnam Style Showdown This is Entertainment! Subscribe for more Videos!


nikki tomlinson says:

Harlem shake

Benito Mireles says:

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Doazombies21 says:

Harlem Shake rules

lena82baby says:

go Harlem shakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?

Jessicafialos says:

I’m going for Harlem shake. Sorry,but gangnam you guys still did good.

Katelyn Ahumada says:

thumbs up for harlem shake

ali hassan says:

Thumbs up if Harlem Shake

brenda raya says:

harlem shake won gangnam sucks its old like your mom

imran13299 says:

Harlem shake is the best !

Arielle Martindale says:

Gangnam style definitely won but harlem shake is most popular but i still love gangnam style

Sakura Takamura says:


Lewis Wynn says:

gangam style definitely

xavier125478 says:

gangnam style won

Joco CBE says:

harlem shake wins

Vipul Thakur says:

lol it looks like storm from xmen and thor were mixed together and i didnt know thor said bad words LOLMFAO HAHAHAHA CANT STOP LAUGHING

Vipul Thakur says:

but it was awesome and it looks like harlem shake is all about party and stuff and gangnam is all business and seriousness and stuff LOLMFAO

Vipul Thakur says:

i dont get the harlem shake when they say colorita they shake their legs then when they say do the harlem shake they start shaking their hands

Tee Meng says:

what the

Dillon Ho Huynh says:

Dumbo Thor

Slava P. says:

that was a little fun

jose r says:


arturorodriguez700 says:

The fuck

mazingj01 says:

Harlem shake totally win

Anna Stanley says:

Harlem shake

Jason Bi says:

That was retarded when Thor came along

Emre Kahraman says:

Ah, of course HARLEM SHAKE !

Loly Hernandez Rodriguez says:

ajjajajajaja el mejor final !

kage craft says:

Harlem Shake

bonnie bank says:

Harlem shake

Marta Swoboda says:


rafhaeldimap2003 says:

Harlem shake is better

Odalys Gamez says:

Herlem shake all the way ❤

xdsapilloxd says:

now get the fuck out of here xDD LOL!!!

Ashtyn Tyler says:

Gangman style is way better

emilyampie0916 says:

HARLEM SHAKE all the way when i first herd gangman style it was gay

nikoletta kyventidou says:


kaylynn2003kj says:

Sorry gangnam style harlem shake

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pRiimas97 says:

lol thor or fart came ajaja

Stefan Rata says:


Hussam Fakhredien says:

Harlem shake

kimberlynrush says:

Harlem shake

jxpayne3 says:

Harlem shAke

brayan manuel ortega ojeda says:

I like both

zulfye says:


Dilshaan Ravendran says:

douchebag thor guy

TheMRTROLOLOyou says:


stayfreshinc says:

Fuckin epic!!!!!!

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