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Harlem Shake Sexy HD Uncensored version : Uncensored version (I uploaded it but Youtube removed it and banned my account for 2 weeks, at least I tried ^^)


wiewiur908 says:

no censured :-D

STEVENJOBNorris says:


shesACE says:

thanks, got to see it without the black squares 😀

Sơn Đinh says:

k mac. quan` ao’ ak`

Yuuki Terumi says:


TheBurnsimon says:

la version non censuree est mieu mouhahahahah dommage qu’on la enlève

KronsiStudio says:

This film I’ve seen on RedTube com: O

Patrik Ferreira says:


Xhantexify says:

upload it on another plattform^^

bella seem says:

Trolling fag… why the fuck are you censoring… retard

willywillyli says:

it get banned, where can i find it ? ._.

Serie727 says:

HD it cool

Skimmerbabe180 says:

it’s not

Skimmerbabe180 says:

tùng nguyễn thanh says:

oh my god

nguyen van Kien says:

oh god the uncensored one is deleted

kingheartof says:

put in stripper harlem shake on youtube, its uncensored.

xLorianx says:

Video broken 🙁

ManGame Man says:

They are p0rn actresses, they are not unknown girls

ManGame Man says:

no sorry ^^
I like some sexy videos sometimes but I don’t have more atm
They are relatively easy to find though on p0rn websites (not on youtube ^^)

McwingsGaming says:

let please one of these girls add me on skyp my name is superjef2

McwingsGaming says:

have you more videos like this?
please send them to me 😀

ManGame Man says:

I’ve been banned for 2 weeks, I can’t post comment or change the description of the video with my account
go on


unavailel says:

it is blocked dude, post it on other page

xZeiD says:

uncensored link please :bave:

steven12388 says: ..thats the real one ..uncensored link.. 😉

lafaLV says:

so many girls but you ….. box! why?

rnwgg1 says:

this is not no damn harlem shake. this is nothing but some fools trying to act like they created something first. come to harlem with that stupid shit and get done son

omar go says:

go to redtube

Pelos Gia Tsinin says:

dislike cause i can’t see boobs…

I0Andreas0I says:

go to xvideos . com and search for Harlem Shake

ReliantDzn says:

The other was removed :(

ArmaanGaming says:

That would be funny if the editin wouldn’t save that would be akward:|

Stephen Young says:

. .it’s nothing but a trend. They’ve been around long enough for your parents to do. It’ll die out. It’s not that deep

Guilherme Luiz says:

red tube ‘-‘

Joelx27 says:

I saw the unserod verison it was beast

Canek Hvorov says:

нас наебали! расходимся

67Mickousse says:

On redtube 😉 

TheChikenz says:


Johnnyjohnny773 says:

U shouldn’t censor their body

ManGame Man says:

leo solis says:

xvideos or any  other porn site. there are actually a lot more

MrSpotlessVids says:

i had a real video 😀 uploaded but youtube blocked it ;D sad… 😀

TheDraven00 says:

I wathd the uncencord one you are having a boner tonight

ManGame Man says:

Yeah ^^
I’ll host the videos on another server.

PwnBusiness says:

they killed your new link already

ManGame Man says:

Hi, I respond to you with another account I have because my main Youtube account has been banned for 2 weeks so I can’t change the link, post a new video or answer to your comments.

That morning I’ve made a page on my website that shows the deleted uncensored videos:

(that’s a webpage with the censored video + download links)

Youtube may alter that URL.

As soon as I can access my youtube account, I’ll put that link in the video annotation and description.

JoksterMcDougan says:

nooo!!! It’s been blocked!!! another link good sir?

asiafan2046 says:


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